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The MAG has many opportunities for members to get involved by joining a committee. Committees typically meet once a month or more often as needed. 

If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the MAG.

Administrative Committee

  • The Administrative Committee shall be composed of the Chairman of the MAG, who will serve as Chairperson, and a minimum of two additional members.
  • The Administrative Committee is responsible for promoting the mission and goals of the MAG.
  • Administer Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Supervise Board Nominations & Elections
  • Oversee Legal Policy and issues

Administrative Committee Roster

  • John Drechny (Walmart)
  • Kathy Hanna (The Kroger Co.)
  • Alok Mathur (Hughes Network Systems, LLC)

Advocacy Committee:

  • The Advocacy Committee will oversee the MAG’s advocacy goals and strategies.  Responsibilities include interfacing with merchant trade associations and media, promoting awareness on initiatives to members and sponsors, and possibly representing the MAG at industry events.

Advocacy Committee Roster

  • Chair:  Kelly Andrus (Tesoro Refining and Marketing)
  • Richard Blake (Alon Brands, Inc.)
  • Denis Bouchard (Sears) 
  • Scott Calhoun (Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation)
  • Dan Christian (GROWMARK, Inc.) 
  • Kristy Cook (Target Stores)
  • Ken Grogan (Wakefern Food Corp.)
  • Sue Klein (SiriusXM) 
  • Reed Luhtanen (Walmart)
  • Nancy Morgan (The Kroger Co.)
  • Bryan Penny (Nordstrom)
  • John Robinson (IKEA) 
  • Joe Vasterling (Best Buy)

Communications Committee

  • Responsible for promoting the mission and goals of the MAG.
  • Responsible for the oversight of the following task forces

Communications Committee Roster

  • Chair:  Dean Sheaffer (Boscov's Department Store LLC)
  • Kelly Andrus (Tesoro Refining and Marketing)
  • Joshua Hartinger (Unified Grocers, Inc.)
  • Kara Kazazean (Walmart) 
  • Alok Mathur (Hughes Network Systems, LLC)
  • Greg Pellegrino (Phillips 66)
  • Seth Pelletier (Aaron's, Inc.) 

Education and Webinar Task Force

    • Responsible for providing informative Webinars and Seminars to MAG members on a monthly basis.  To educate merchants and their industry partners about the impact and implications of industry practices in the payment ecosystem

Education and Webinar Task Force Roster

    • Chair: Troy Carrothers (Kohl's Department Stores, Inc)
    • Mitch Beining (Marathon Petroleum Company LP)
    • Dan Christian (GROWMARK, Inc.)  
    • Tammy England (InterContinental Hotels Group)
    • Jeanne Keane (Staples, Inc.) 
    • Alok Mathur (Hughes Network Systems, LLC)
    • Seth Pelletier (Aaron's, Inc.)
    • Dana Railsback (Giant Eagle, Inc.)
    • Hannah Thurmond (FedEx)

      Newsletter Editorial Board
    • The Editorial Board is responsible for the approval of the articles for the quarterly newsletter and website.

Newsletter Editorial Board Roster

    • Scott Calhoun (Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation)
    • Kara Kazazean (Walmart)
    • Greg Pellegrino (Phillips 66)
    • Ann Schmitt (The Walt Disney Company)
    • Dean Sheaffer (Boscov's Department Store LLC)

Website Task Force

    • To provide guidance, mindshare and ideation on the MAG website under the overall direction of the Communication Committee.

Website Task Force Roster

    • Chair: Randy Gibbons (Southwest Airlines Company)
    • Kelly Andrus (Tesoro Refining and Marketing)
    • Erika Curtis (GROWMARK, Inc.)
    • Sonia Jain (Redbox Automated Retail, LLC)
    • Sue Knotts (Wakefern Food Corp.)
    • Alok Mathur (Hughes Network Systems, LLC)

Content & Engagement Committee

  • The Content & Engagement Committee’s main responsibilities are to promote the mission and goals of the MAG through MAG conferences and education, as well as, to assist and advise in the planning, coordination and management of all aspects of the conferences, webinars and education sessions.

 Content & Engagement Committee Roster

  • Chair:  Barry Hanen (Walgreens) 
  • Erika Curtis (GROWMARK, Inc.) 
  • Kathy Hanna (The Kroger Co.)
  • Eric O'Brien (Dunkin' Brands, Inc.)
  • Chris Priebe (Southwest Airlines Company)
  • Rod Tos (Chevron Products Co.)

Digital Commerce Task Force

  • The Digital Commerce Task Force has the primary objective to influence change in the paradigm of the past models (CP/CNP) towards a future roadmap that recognizes the convergence of in-person and remote payment experiences leveraging modern technologies and service models that offer a wealth of data points to better authenticate buyers.  In addition, the task force will provide subject matter expertise and input on educational opportunities for the merchant members regarding the convergence of in-person and digital commerce and the related implications to retailers.

Digital Commerce Task Force Roster​

  • Marie Pittmon (AMC Entertainment Inc.)
  • Ann Rasco (AMC Entertainment Inc.)
  • Paula Weitzenberg (American Airlines, Inc.)
  • Diem Pham (Apple Inc.)
  • Brent Cirinelli (Barnes & Noble College)
  • Dee O’Malley (Best Buy)
  • Joe Vasterling (Best Buy)
  • Susan Edwards (Chick-fil-A, Inc)
  • Aly Lehmann (Chick-fil-A, Inc)
  • Eric O’Brien (Dunkin' Brands, Inc.)
  • James Esposito (Etsy)
  • Tammy England (InterContinental Hotels Group)
  • Marc Black (Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.)
  • Troy Carrothers (Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.)
  • Rebecca Hoeft (Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.)
  • Nancy Morgan (The Kroger Co.)
  • Bill Hutchins (Lowe's Companies, Inc.)
  • Chris Sontag (Macy's)
  • Susan Mills (Meijer, Inc.)
  • Dan German (Microsoft)
  • Jeff Hallenbeck (Nordstrom)
  • Matt Cogburn (Pilot Flying J)
  • Deirdre Harding (Ralph Lauren)
  • David Kelly (Ralph Lauren)
  • Chris Priebe (Southwest Airlines Company)
  • Elie Chemaly (Staples, Inc.)
  • Jeanne Kane (Staples, Inc.)
  • Elizabeth Ochoa (Universal Orlando)
  • Rob Stasiak (UPS)
  • Chris Youngblood (UPS)
  • Ken Grogan (Wakefern Food Corp.) 
  • Sue Knotts (Wakefern Food Corp.)
  • Barry Hanen (Walgreens)
  • John Drechny (Walmart)
  • Katie Franklin (Walmart)
  • Raman Walia (The Walt Disney Company)

Finance Committee

  • The Finance Committee shall be composed of the Treasurer, who will serve as Chairperson and a minimum of two additional members. 
  • The Committee is responsible for review of all financial records. It makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on issues of finance. The Committee will supervise MAG policies for Accounts Payable, Audit and Investment.
  • The Committee oversees the work of the MAG's administrative services provider. The Committee is responsible for drafting a budget and presenting it to the Board for approval on an annual basis.
  • The Committee is responsible for promoting the mission and goals of the MAG.
  • The Committee shall validate financial statements and audits.

Finance Committee Roster

  • Chair: Chris Priebe (Southwest Airlines Company)
  • Bill Hutchins (Lowe's Companies, Inc.)
  • John Unger (Guitar Center)
  • Gavin Waugh (The Wendy's Company) 

Growth Committee

  • The Growth Committee is responsible for implementing strategies to lead the MAG to its membership and sponsorship goals.

Growth Committee Roster

  • Chair: Dee O’Malley (Best Buy)
  • Brent Cirinelli (Barnes & Noble College) 
  • Lori Doria (Southeastern Grocers, LLC)
  • Alok Mathur (Hughes Network Systems, LLC)
  • Jordan Navarro-Abreau (Microsoft)
  • Gina Powers (Dunkin' Brands, Inc.)
  • Robert Ritchie (Toys R Us)

Operations Committee  ​

  • The Operations Committee has responsibility to Identify, prioritize, and execute strategies to improve payments operational challenges relevant to merchant members through ongoing collaboration with stakeholders in the payments ecosystem including the network brands and acquirers.

Operations Committee Roster

  • Chair: Kristy Cook (Target Stores) 
  • Elizabeth Amend (Louis Vuitton NA Inc.)
  • Erica Balasko (Target Stores)
  • Sabrina Chin (Walmart)
  • Chaka Cook (Stein Mart)
  • Chris Coward (Publix Super Markets, Inc.)
  • Kathy Hanna (The Kroger Co.)
  • Sue Knotts (Wakefern Food Corp.)
  • Sherry Macy (Lowe's Companies, Inc.)
  • Alok Mathur (Hughes Network Systems, LLC)
  • Marisa Munoz (Amazon)
  • Gina Powers (Dunkin' Brands, Inc.)
  • Bryan Penny (Nordstrom)
  • Joe Vasterling (Best Buy)