MAG CyberRisk Hub®

The MAG CyberRisk Hub® will be Shutting Down
after August 31, 2017*

​*You will need an access code in order to create an account. Contact the MAG for the access code. 

The MAG CyberRisk Hub® portal, powered by NetDiligence® — your one-stop-shop for help in shoring up your cyber defenses and responding effectively to data breaches, network attacks and other cyber events. Whether by hacker, computer glitch or staff mistake . . . most companies will experience a data breach incident. The question is, “Can you handle the incident calmly, quickly and effectively?” If you can’t, your organization will likely lose customers and see shareholder value plummet. You might also be fined, or worse, targeted by a class-action lawsuit. Protect your organization and get informed.

This MAG CyberRisk Hub® portal will allow you to:
  • Keep informed of evolving risks and changing regulations
  • Be proactive in planning your response
  • Access Cyber Risk Management Resources and Tools
  • Access to the Roadmap for Incident Management
  • Get expert help regarding Data Breach Management
  • Access the latest information on Cyber Events

On October 14, 2015, the the MAG hosted a Managing Cyber Risk with the MAG CyberRisk Hub® webinar. To view the recording click here.The webinar covered a demo of the portal as well as important information from the MAG's breach coach. To access, you must log-in to the Member's Only area using your username and password. Please contact the MAG if you need assistance with your log-in.

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The MAG CyberRisk Hub that MAG engaged NetDiligence® to provide for you, lists specific third-party technical and legal resources that may assist you in recovering from an incident. Please note that MAG has listed these highly specialized vendors solely as a convenience to you and to help you expedite your recovery. Be aware that MAG does not endorse the vendors’ respective services. MAG is not affiliated with these third-party vendors nor are we receiving compensation or other benefit for listing them in this portal.  Before you engage any of these companies, MAG urges you to conduct your own due diligence to ensure the companies and their services meet your needs. Unless otherwise indicated or approved, the cost of services from these companies is your responsibility.  Should you choose to engage a vendor or service, you are doing so at your own risk and MAG has no liability to you regardless of the outcome of your engagement of any vendor The CyberRiskHub also contains certain tools, descriptions, checklists, guidance, and aggregated information. MAG provides these resources solely as a convenience to you, and does not endorse these resources or warrant the accuracy of information provided or contained in these resources. The MAG is not providing any legal advice to you and in the event of a data breach or other security incident, you are urged to engage with your own professionals, legal and otherwise.