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The Same Old Problems Plague the ‘Pays’ As Adoption Levels Show ‘Signs of Slippage’

May 04, 2018

Ever since Apple Pay emerged in 2014, experts have scratched their heads over the general failure of contactless mobile wallets to catch on faster with U.S. consumers. Now comes research indicating how wallet sponsors might turn things around by focusing on what consumers are most looking for in wallet services and fixing what bothers them the most.

That turnaround may be more urgently needed than ever. Not just Apple Pay, but the two other major third-party contactless wallets, Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) and Samsung Pay, are tracing a slow but definite descent in adoption among smart-phone owners, according to the latest tracking results from Phoenix Marketing International, a Rhinebeck, N.Y.-based firm that periodically checks on mobile-wallet usage.

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