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The Electronic Payments Coalition Takes a Potshot at the New Secure Payments Partnership

Jun 08, 2018

A lull in the longstanding war of words between merchants and the global payment card networks came to an end with the creation Thursday of the Secure Payments Partnership, an advocacy group of retailers and PIN-debit networks. On Friday, the Electronic Payments Coalition, a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying organization led primarily by card networks and large financial institutions, issued a brief statement blasting the SPP.

“Here retailers go again, lobbying Washington for further regulation in the interest of cutting their own costs instead of protecting their customers from fraud,” Jeff Tassey, chairman of the EPC’s board of directors, said in the statement. “Despite claims, all players in the payments ecosystem—including retailers—have the opportunity to provide feedback and participate in the process. We must all be committed to providing consumers with security and innovation without impeding consumer choice.”

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