With increased educational offerings, including the second Tech Forum and valuable networking opportunities, the MAG 2020 Mid-Year Conference drew record attendance of 749 attendees, a growth of 27% from last year. The second Tech Forum offering was also well attended with over 250 participants engaging in more technical education offerings than ever before. Visit the MAG website to view post conference resources including the final attendee list, agenda and conference presentations. Merchant Only presentations are available in the Member Only area of the website. You must login to the website to view.

Hear what Mid-Year Conference attendees are saying:

MAG Merchant Member
“I attended my first MAG conference and I have to say I was extremely impressed by how well it was organized and the content that was put together. The MAG staff made it extremely hard to pick a session to attend for the mere fact that there were so many sessions that were relevant and interesting.”

MAG Annual Sponsor
“Another great turnout of hard-working payments operatives!”

MAG Merchant Member
“I have been to many tradeshows and conferences and I would have to say this one was the best. This was my first time at a MAG conference, but it will not be my last. Well done!”

MAG Merchant Member
“Great conference, very well planned and executed with the right amount of time for merchant to merchant discussions and potential sales opportunities.”

MAG Annual Sponsor
“Great attendance, topics and organization.”

MAG Merchant Member
“Eye-opening experience to the payments ecosystem. Great collaboration and interaction amongst members.”

MAG Merchant Member
“What a fantastic event! The educational sessions were great (as always) but the networking is unrivaled and the ability to share points of view and bounce situations past knowledgeable counterparts at other companies in the same segment is invaluable.”

Mark your calendars for the 2020 Annual Conference + Tech Forum. MAG conferences offer a unique experience, attracting over 800 payments professionals as well as those with organizational responsibilities that include payments and related matters. As the MAG grows, we continue to offer timely educational sessions and networking opportunities in an intimate setting that attendees have come to value at the MAG - a value that impacts your company. Plan now to attend!

Online Registration Opens in June

New Decade, Lingering Issues
By Kathy Hanna, Sr. Director, Enterprise Payments & Store Support Enterprise Payments Dept. The Kroger Co., MAG Board of Directors Chair

It's the beginning of a new decade, and there is a feeling of excitement within the Board of Directors that MAG will continue to be on the forefront of the merchant's voice in the payment industry. As we enter this new decade, I'm honored to be writing you for the first time as the Chair of the outstanding MAG board.
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Navigating Payment Projects Through Your Organization
By John Drechny, CEO, Merchant Advisory Group

Many of you likely have significant projects which you are responsible to complete, especially as we start the new year. I thought it might be helpful to share effective ways to approach, prioritize and accomplish strategic projects.
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Building a Technology Strategy to Support your Business
By Rob Rosell, Senior Engineering Manager, Target Corporation

There are three components that I like to think about when building a solid payment technology strategy: business drivers, technology choices, and team. The strategy should focus on the ideas that enable business priorities and customer needs. It needs to consider technology costs, tech-stack choices, vendor integrations, and security & privacy. Lastly, team is a critical part of the strategy.
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The Mid-Year 2020 Tech Forum in Atlanta was a Smash!
By Kacie Paine, Tech Engagement Director, Merchant Advisory Group

Our second Tech Forum exceeded expectations with over 275 attendees representing both technical and business professionals dedicated to the payments space. The agenda was jam-packed with payment industry topics, presented by 13 of our Tech Forum sponsors who brought 5 different merchants on stage to share varying points of view. The presenters dove down deep into the technical details of key industry topics. The content presented was relevant and valuable to the tech audience and it provided them with tangible use-cases they could evaluate and take back to their organizations to explore further.

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Webinars: The Most Binge-Worthy Series of 2020
By Eric O'Brien, Director of Education, Merchant Advisory Group

One of the things we hear most from our merchant members is that they're hungry for more. Hungry for more collaboration, more discussion, more education, and overall more payments.
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How Open Banking is Disrupting Retail Banking - Except for Payments Markets
By Mark Falcon, Director, Zephyre

Open Banking is the technology that enables non-bank financial firms - e.g. “fintechs” - to access consumer-authorized financial data, such as personal and business checking-account transaction data. Open banking is proclaimed as driving the fintech revolution, transforming retail banking, and disrupting the global payments market.
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Secure Remote Commerce and the SRCI
By Steve Cole, Sr. Product Manager, EMV and Security Products, Worldpay from FIS

Secure Remote Commerce - what is it?
You may have noticed that every website you visit supports a variety of different checkout experiences.

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Ways to help you thrive in an omnichannel payments environment
A smart approach to card payments can help reduce declines and chargeback

By Robert Gates, E-Receivables Consultant, Wells Fargo Merchant Services

Omnichannel is now a must for B2C and B2B companies alike. It's all about ensuring a seamless, consistent experience for your customers, regardless of how they engage with your business, or which payment method they use to buy.

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  • AutoNation
  • Bridgestone/Credit First National Association
  • Discount Tire
  • Expedia
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Netflix
  • Nintendo
  • Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
  • Restaurant Brands International

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Silver Sponsor

Chargehound is the only fully automated chargeback representment solution on the market. Our best-in-class technology fights 250,000 disputes a minute and requires no FTE hours, enabling merchants of all sizes and verticals to scale seamlessly with no increase in CapEx or OpEx.

The real-time dispute dashboard built into the product offers merchants access to their real-time chargeback data. Merchants can use this data to understand and track long term chargeback trends, optimize win-rate, and identify areas of the business susceptible to chargebacks that can be improved through proactive risk management.

Chargehound integrates with major payment processors and is the official strategic partner to PayPal and Braintree for chargeback representment, making it the only solution that can automate PayPal disputes.

Silver Sponsor

Experience the difference that our Luxe family of payment solutions and services Luxe delivers: At the Checkout. In the Aisles. On the Go. The Luxe 8500i, Luxe 6200m and Luxe 3300a address innovations in payment acceptance, customer engagement and mobility, while providing the highest levels of security. Luxe devices are built with technology that significantly improves efficiencies and reduces overall operating costs for resellers and customers serving the retail, hospitality, healthcare and financial services industries. Developers benefit from an open and consistent operating platform coupled with payment software and integration tools that allow them to quickly deploy the same applications across the entire line of PCI PED 5.x-certified stand-alone, integrated and mobile terminals.

With over 35 years of industry leadership, Equinox is a trusted advisor, a technology innovator, and a true partner. Our approach is straight forward, personable and simple: we listen and build partnerships where we assist our customers to excel in the direction of their choice.

Platinum Sponsor

LISNR enables better ways to connect with a mobile retail user with its Ultrasonic Commerce Data Platform. Its sound-based technology was originally created to send micro-communications to a variety of devices quickly and easily. Today, its proprietary software powers secure and seamless payment methods using ultrasonics where data is encoded into inaudible “tones”, which transmit then decode the data using only standard speakers and microphones. Major enterprises trust LISNR to power retail, financial service & mobility solutions. LISNR has offices in Oakland, CA and Cincinnati, OH. Major investors include Visa, Intel and Synchrony Financial.

Silver Sponsor

Midigator believes the challenges of running a business should be delivering great products or services, not managing payment risk. That's why the company became the first to use technology to prevent, fight, and analyze chargebacks, providing an efficient and effective alternative to labor-intensive, manual processes. Midigator's technology removes the complexity of payment disputes so businesses can get back to business. Features like real-time reporting, labor-saving automation, and in-depth analytics benefit businesses of all sizes in all industries. To learn more, visit Midigator.com.

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In 1999, Progressive Leasing introduced the world to virtual lease-to-own purchase options. This easily integrated service enabled stores to provide alternative lease-purchase options to consumers with less than perfect credit. Working with some of the largest retailers in the USA, Progressive Leasing has helped millions of people get the things they need with ease.

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Signifyd provides Revenue Optimization and Fraud Management, leveraging the Signifyd Commerce Network (10K+ merchants, globally) to help merchants:

  • Maximize revenue (via 3-5% higher conversion rates on new shoppers)
  • Improve Customer Experience (faster order processing, no manual investigation)
  • Eliminate fraud and abuse (no chargebacks)
    • We guarantee our decisions and pay for fraud on approved transactions.
    • We intelligently automate and manage disputes (INR, SNAD) on behalf of merchants In 2018, Signifyd was rated as the market leader by industry analysts and merchants alike. Consequently, it is the only solution to be natively integrated into Cybersource (VISA) and Accertify (Amex)

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