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Communities of Practice (COPs):

MAG periodically forms Communities of Practice with merchants and other payments stakeholders to address targeted issues/opportunities. COP objectives focus on advocating for change within the payments ecosystem and/or educating merchants on changes that may impact their organizations.

MAG Committee vs. Community of Practice

COPs vs. Committees

If you are interested in joining a COP, please contact the MAG. 

COP Objectives Meeting Frequency
 Debit Routing
  • Develop a prioritized list of rules/technologies/etc. that prohibit or diminish merchants’ ability to route debit transactions to domestic networks.

  • Working with the Advocacy Committee, develop an action plan to address the priority items.

Every other Friday from 12:00-1:00pm CT             
  • COP is currently focused on Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) requirements, implementation, etc. and Contactless Kernel specifications

Every other month on the last Wednesday from 3:00-4:00pm CT 
Petro Fraud   
  • Work with the networks to identify strategies to prepare for the pending Petro liability shift (October 2020).

  • Educate merchants on the potential impact of the EMV liability shift and fraud programs via flows & best practices

Every third Monday from 3:00-4:00pm CT  
  • Collaborating with the Global Networks on:
    • Gaining more transparency in what the qualification criteria is
    • Getting more advanced notice when changes to Qualification criteria are made to give merchants more lead time to make changes
  • Collaborating with the Acquirers on getting better and more meaningful data to assist merchants in reducing downgrades & integrity fees
  • Discussion forum to review existing business intelligence/data analytics tools that can be used to pull transaction level data into for better analysis on downgrades
Every other Wednesday from 3:00-4:00pm CT 

Inactive Communities

COP Objectives Meeting Frequency
  • Develop Best Practices for merchants as they attempt to solve for challenges in operating their brick and mortar businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Concluded on August 19, 2020.
Please find Best Practices  Here 
 8-Digit BINs  
  • Define merchant impact due to the 8-digit BIN expansion in 2022

  • Develop a checklist for merchants to use when evaluating the impact of 8-digit BINs to their payment systems.

Concluded on January 16, 2020. Please find Merchant Readiness Guide Here 
Card on File  
  • Work with the networks and acquirers to clarify merchant requirements and timelines.

  • Develop best practices.

Concluded on February 25, 2020. Please find Merchant Readiness Guide Here 
  • Examine existing and emerging companies, processes and methods relevant to the use of Blockchain technology in payments-related activities.
  • Provide pertinent educational material for the MAG membership’s consumption
  • Exchange ideas and understandings among MAG and other industry participants involved with the examinations.
 Merged into the Innovation Committee in August 2020

Want to start a new Community of Practice (COP)?

The following are required to form a new COP:

  • The issue has defined objective(s) that when achieved will signify the end of the COP.
  • Issue/opportunity impacts several merchants or is a relatively common problem shared by others.  
  • You are a merchant who is willing to help lead the effort and get others engaged.