MAG Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Cross-vertical merchant participation, as well as the ability to network and share outside of one’s primary vertical, is one of the biggest benefits of MAG membership. However, there are times when it makes sense for merchants within the same vertical to discuss and share more industry-specific challenges. To meet this need, the MAG has formed four breakout Special Interest Groups or SIGs.

The four SIGs are:

  1. eCommerce
  2. Mass Merchant 
  3. Petroleum/Convenience Stores
  4. Small Ticket/Restaurant

Merchant companies have the ability to send representatives to any variety of the merchant SIGs. The SIG breakout sessions are MERCHANT ONLY and are scheduled for the MAG mid-year and annual conferences. The SIG groups are a tremendous way to peer-to-peer network at the MAG conferences. These groups also identify critical and emerging industry issues for the MAG. The MAG continues to work with the SIG members throughout the year.

To become involved with the SIG groups please contact the MAG or register to participate in a SIG at the next MAG conference you attend.