MAG Releases Best Practices: Interchange Optimization Survey Results to Members

The MAG recently sent the survey results of the Best Practices in Interchange Optimization to MAG members. The MAG conducted this member survey in an effort to provide solutions to reduce interchange fees.

The survey was very successful with a 61% response rate.  All information is confidential and reported in aggregate.  The survey results and summary can be found in the member resource area of the MAG website.  Members must be logged  in to view the information.

The MAG is currently working on phase II of this project to create a list of best practices for its members to consider implementing. 

Future survey topics are planned that will also be used to identify best practices.  These topics include: transaction security, least cost routing, fraud prevention, chargebacks and retrievals, and tokenization. 

The MAG appreciates the memberships’ cooperation in order to provide quality survey results to membership.  We encourage you to continue participating.