MAG Update and Working Groups Webinar

The MAG’s premiere web conference on April 12 was a rousing success, with 34 registrants representing 27 merchants (60% of our Members) and one acquirer! We sincerely thank everyone who was able to attend. Special thanks go to John Nicola, who generously offered the use of First Data’s conferencing services, Anne Howard of First Data, who assisted us in setting up the conference and served as liaison with the service provider, and Russ Rhine of Arkadin Global Conferencing, who did a superb job getting us prepared. We hope the format was helpful. Some great “first-time” lessons were learned, and we assure you that future web conferences will be even more interactive and visually engaging.

View the Webinar
Click here to rerun the presentation, and make sure your speakers are turned up so that you can hear the synced audio. If you registered for the web conference and are viewing the presentation on the same computer on which you registered, just click the “launch presentation” button on the home screen.

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Working Groups Assignments
During the meeting two polls were taken so that people could assign themselves to the six working groups. If you did not have an opportunity to volunteer for a working group or would like to change or correct your selections, just click here to send an e-mail to Dodd and you’ll be assigned to the group(s) of your choice.

POS Survey
The final discussion point during the webinar regarded the possibility of an anonymous survey that captures data about MAG Members’ existing POS terminals, plans, costs, etc. The general consensus was that Members are willing to participate in a survey of this type, especially if it excludes questions regarding volume. If you did not have an opportunity to offer your position during the webinar, just click here to send an e-mail to Dodd and your voice will be heard.

If you need assistance viewing the webinar or want to offer suggestions and ideas for future webinars, please let us know. Thanks again for all you do to make your MAG a powerful voice for the merchant community.