MAG Webinar: Important Update on Interchange Lawsuit

July 24, 2012
12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m. Central

The Merchant Advisory Group’s Best Practices Working Group hosted a webinar on
Important Update on Interchange Lawsuit

The Brooklyn interchange lawsuit just ended with a proposed settlement.

The webinar featured Mark Horwedel, MAG CEO and speakers Jeff Shinder, Partner with Constantine & Cannon and Richard Arnold, Attorney with KennyNachwalter, who discussed the details of the proposed settlement, the industry reaction and the pros and cons to the settlement for Merchants.

Mark Horwedel Jeff Shinder Richard Arnold

The MAG is pleased to publish letters from Jeff Shinder who participated in the MAG Interchange Lawsuit webinar and from Craig Wildfang who did not participate in the Interchange Lawsuit webinar, but who represents the merchant plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The MAG will soon begin soliciting questions from MAG members to pose to the two attorneys so they can respond at an upcoming MAG webinar.

Click Here to view the letters located in the Members-Only area under Member Resources.

This webinar was not recorded and did not include any PowerPoint slides. Note: MAG webinars are offered as a free service to MAG members.