MAG Webinar: Putting the Merchant Back In The Driver Seat

The Merchant Advisory Group's Gold Sponsor, Cardinal Commerce, presented the webinar, "Putting the Merchant Back In The Driver Seat" on February 7, 2013.

The webinar featured:

Moderator: Mark Horwedel, CEO, Merchant Advisory Group
  • Eric Goodman, CardinalCommerce Corporation
  • Bob Reany, SVP, Head Authentication Product Strategy, MasterCard
  • Ken Guerrini, GSI Commerce
This webinar featured discussions with GSI Commerce regarding their experience with fighting fraud, what problems they were facing prior to working with CardinalCommerce, why they ultimately decided to implement 3-D Secure on only some of their volume, what other fraud solutions they have implemented and how the mix of solutions has affected their bottom line.

In addition, MasterCard joined the panel to give an industry update on the 3-D Secure protocol, discuss mandates that have gone into effect over the past year both domestically and internationally, and how they've changed their 3-D Secure program, MasterCard SecureCode+, to put the merchant back in the driver seat.

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