MAG Webinar: Rethinking CNP

Monday, October 6, 2014
12:00pm - 1:00pm CT

Note: MAG webinars are offered as a free service to MAG members.

"Card not Present" makes no sense in today's payments world. The panelists will discuss how we move beyond this archaic concept.

Moderator: Steve Mott, Principal, BetterBuyDesign
Steve Mott is Principal of BetterBuyDesign, a payments systems consultancy serving clients that range from major banks and processors to technology startups and investment capital/equity firms.  Mr. Mott is a 25-year veteran of the electronic payments industry with specialization in online transactions, innovative use of debit networks, authentication and security technologies, and consumer adoption strategies.  His projects span strategy and business development, technology assessments, project management and due diligence evaluations. Mr. Mott is a noted speaker and author in the payments space, planning and appearing in numerous banking, merchant, technology and payments conferences. 


Troy Carrothers, Senior Vice President –

Retail Payment Solutions and Multi-Channel Sales & Service

, Kohl’s

With more than twenty years in the industry, Mr. Carrothers is responsible for leading the Kohl’s Card Program, managing Kohl’s credit operations, service centers and risk management for Kohl’s and non-Kohl’s Card business in-store and on-line.  These responsibilities include the full servicing for credit card issuance, underwriting, risk management, as well as support functions for Kohl’s omni-channel sales initiatives. 

Chris Priebe, Director, Payments & Risk, Southwest Airlines
Chris Priebe is Director – Treasury Payments and Risk at Southwest Airlines. In his current role he is responsible for all payment acceptance strategy and relationships, as well as corporate insurance. He has been with Southwest Airlines for the past 17 years. Chris received a degree in Finance and Accounting from Texas Tech University. Chris has been a MAG (Merchant Advisory Group Board Member) since 2008 serving as the MAG Treasurer since 2011.

Johan Gerber, 
Group Head, Global Products & Solutions, Mastercard
Johan Gerber is Group Head of Processing Products at MasterCard Worldwide.  In this role he leads MasterCard fraud risk management product development across the multiple stakeholders – merchants, acquirers, issuers, service providers and consumers. Mr. Gerber is responsible for ensuring the MasterCard Worldwide Network adapts and supports the growing need for services and emerging payments on the network. Mr Gerber has a key focus to ensure payments are convenient yet secure by provisioning products and intelligence on the network to service the various participants. 
Mark Nelsen, Head of Risk Products and Business Intelligence, Visa
Mark Nelsen is Head of Risk Products and Business Intelligence at Visa. In this role he manages global fraud detection and decisioning solutions, such as Visa Advanced Authorization and Visa Risk Manager. He oversees global authentication platforms, such as EMV chip technology and 3D-Secure authentication for ecommerce. In addition, Mark’s organization delivers performance benchmarking and business intelligence solutions to ensure clients are optimizing authorization decisioning.

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