MAG Webinar: Navigating the U.S. EMV Migration

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
12:00pm - 1:00pm CT
Note: MAG webinars are offered as a free service to MAG members.
In support of the U.S. migration to EMV chip, Visa, Inc. will provide an overview of EMV chip technology and the U.S. migration progress.  This session will also cover recommendations and resources to help merchants build a business case, train employees, and communicate to customers at the POS.

Speaker: Stephanie Ericksen,  Vice President, Risk Products, VISA

Stephanie Ericksen is vice president of Risk Products at Visa Inc., focusing on payment solutions that bring enhanced security to new payment technology channels and devices. Specifically, Ericksen is responsible for managing integration of Visa’s contactless and contact chip payment services and new form factors beyond traditional cards and the product platforms that enhance the security of Visa’s core product offerings.

Since joining Visa in 1994, Ericksen has been actively involved in developing the global smart card implementation strategy and formulating business cases for Visa Smart Debit/Credit, GlobalPlatform and multi-application product offerings on contact and contactless chip cards and in mobile phones. Ericksen has also managed Visa’s participation in payment industry standards organizations such as GlobalPlatform, EMVCo and the Mobile Payment Forum. 

Ericksen is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, where she received a BA in History with a specialization in Business Administration. She also holds an MBA in Marketing from Santa Clara University.

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