Webinar: Trends in Chargebacks and Fraud

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
12 p.m. - 1 p.m. CT

View presentation slides and download the recording on the MAG's Member Resources page.

Learn about the latest trends in chargebacks and fraud in a post-EMV world.  A merchant, an acquirer and a fraud-service provider will share perspectives and best practices merchants can use to prevent fraud and reduce chargebacks.

Moderator: Jim DuBoyce (Senior Consultant, W. Capra Consulting Group)

Jim DuBoyce headshotWith experience in finance, payment operations, risk management, procurement and supply chain management roles in his career, Jim brings a diverse background to W. Capra and his clients. Jim specializes in assisting clients develop their payment acceptance strategy, reduce processing costs, and improving payment operations. His client engagements include major oil companies, convenience store chains, drug stores, quick serve restaurants, specialty retailers, card issuers and online merchants. 

Presenter: Gary Cardone (CEO, Chargebacks911)

Gary Cardone HeadshotGary Cardone is the CEO of Chargebacks911 and The Chargeback Company.  He was recently honored as the Gold Medal Winner of the CEO World Awards.  Gary's background is in commodities where he was awarded the title of being the youngest-ever CEO of a Fortune 50 company.  He has consulted for several private equity groups and hedge funds and become an renown expert at predicting market trends.  Gary recently moved to London to head up European expansion efforts.  Chargebacks911 is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and employees about 400 employees worldwide with locations in Asia, North America and Europe.

Presenter: June Compton (Senior Director Dispute Resolution, Heartland Payment Systems)

June Compton headshotJune Compton has been with Heartland Payments since 2006 and Director of the Dispute Team since 2010. Her training is in Accounting & Business. She has been in the customer relations world for 30 plus years.


Presenter: John Valencia (Manager, Online Asset Protection, REI CO-OP)

John Valencia headshotJohn has been responsible for REI’s eCommerce fraud strategy for the last 10 years. This includes automated and manual order screening as well as rules engine optimization. In addition, his team is also responsible for REI’s chargeback processing, including both Card Present and Card not Present transactions. Previously, John held various positions at REI’s call center and in several retail locations.