MAG Webinar: Visa Claims Resolution & Stored Credential Framework

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
12:00pm - 1:15pm CT
Note: This webinar was for MAG merchant members, Prospect Merchant Members and Acquirers and Processors.

This webinar was not recorded.

View VCR & Stored Credential documents from Visa (member only access)

Visa Claims Resolution:
With the number of disputes rising, and processing time and costs increasing, Visa is excited to introduce the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) initiative. To improve the efficiency of handling disputes, Visa is focused on automating and simplifying the dispute-resolution process while also keeping pace with the needs of the payment industry. As changes are made, sharing them with you is part of our commitment to merchants as we help your payment process run smarter and more efficiently. 

This webinar portion covered: 

  • Overview of the initiative
  • Benefits for merchants
  • Migration Timeline
  • Q&A Opportunity

Stored Credential Framework:
In October 2016, Visa implemented new data values in the authorization message that merchants/ acquirers send to help issuers identify initial storage and use of stored payment credentials. The new identifiers in the authorization message provide greater visibility into transactions, allowing every stakeholder in the payment value chain to manage risk and fraud, resulting in better approval rates, fewer customer complaints and an improved cardholder experience. The mandate for acquirers and merchants to adopt this framework was effective October 2017 (compliance timeline has now been extended until April 2018).

This webinar portion covered: 

  • Overview of the framework
  • Benefits for merchants, issuers and cardholders
  • Technical requirements and scenarios
  • Disclosure and consent requirements
  • Q&A Opportunity


Laura Townsend    
 Laura Townsend
SVP Operations
 Mark Woelfer 
Senior Director Risk Products 
Visa, Inc.
 Shailendra Dingankar 
Director, GlobalPayment Experience & Solutions
Visa, Inc.
 Anjana Surin
Director, Digital Products
Visa, Inc.