Webinar: Secure Remote Commerce, the Mastercard Implementation

April 30, 2019

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As the payments industry evolves in digital payments, several global payment networks have announced an optional solution for merchants referenced as Secure Remote Commerce or SRC.   Hear from Ryan Beaudry, Mastercard's VP Market Product Manager, on the current status of Mastercard's implementation plans for SRC including use cases and external communications planned for its issuers, merchants, and other stakeholders in the industry impacted by this migration.  Ryan will provide a deep dive on the role of the SRC Initiator (SRCi) including the options available to merchants in selecting an SRCi, the role Mastercard will play in the initial stages of its SRC migration, and the long term point of view of the parties that will likely play this role in the future.  Ryan will provide insights into considerations merchants must include in their determination of pursuing SRC including a roadmap for Mastercard's implementation plans.  There will be ample time for Q&A as we can extend this webinar beyond the traditional hour to accommodate the audience interests as necessary.



Ryan Beaudry, Vice President, Digital Payments and Labs, North America, Mastercard

Ryan Beaudry is Vice President in Digital Payments and Labs for North America. In this role, Ryan leads the strategy and market enablement plans to scale digital solutions, primarily Mastercard’s implementation of EMVCo’s Secure Remote Commerce specifications. Within Digital, Ryan previously supported plans to launch credential-on- file tokenization solutions and launched Masterpass with global issuers.

Prior his current role, he held roles of increasing responsibility within product management, strategy and development across person-to-person payments and healthcare initiatives. Most recently, he completed a two-year rotation with Investor Relations at MasterCard.

Ryan is actively engaged in career development and advancement of young professionals. He founded MasterCard’s young professionals Business Resource Group and Young Alumni Society at Manhattanville College, serving as Chair and now advisor.

Ryan graduated with Honors from Manhattanville College where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and International Management.


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