Tech Forum Webinar: Building Better Insights with Data


October 2, 2019

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Merchants face an overwhelming amount of data generated from payments such as card types, decline codes, issuers, refunds, fraud, and chargebacks.  This data usually stays locked away in their multiple payment and fraud service providers.  However, when merchants build the infrastructure to retain and analyze this rich information, they open to door to better insights on their customers and running experiments which drive increases in revenue.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the key technical infrastructure components commonly used by data teams.
  • Discuss the roles of a data team and how they fit into your organization.
  • Explore common data science techniques and experimentation strategies driving payments analysis.

Puneet Shah

Puneet Shah | Adyen

Puneet Shah is a VP of Product at Adyen, a modern payment technology platform powering the world’s leading companies. Puneet is responsible for driving adoption of emerging payment products across Adyen’s key global merchants. He works in close partnership with merchant product teams to develop their payment strategy and leverage Adyen’s innovative features designed to grow revenue.

Prior to joining Adyen, Puneet spent over 5 years leading e-commerce product teams at Mercari and Groupon. His background includes extensive technology consulting experience designing, building, and implementing business software for Fortune 500 companies.

Mika NishiyaMika Nishiya | Adyen

Mika Nishiya is VP of Data at Adyen, thepayments platform for many of world’s leading companies providing end-to-end payment infrastructure. She is responsible for overseeing Data focused initiatives including authorization rate optimization, risk mitigation and Data Science roadmap.

Prior to Adyen, Mika spent time at Verifone focusing on Risk Analytics for their mobile and bill payment platforms.

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