Tech Forum Webinar: The Need for Payments Orchestration | Turning your Payments Platform into a Corporate Asset


December 3, 2019

12:00-1:00 Central

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Payments platforms are the merchant’s revenue gathering engines. They must support business growth, reduce operational costs, enhance the customer experience, and deliver information to allow data driven decisions. Unfortunately, many of these platforms, rather than being properly architected, have evolved over time, creating a fragmented and difficult to maintain collection of systems that are barely able to keep up with the marketplace demands.

As the complexities of the payment ecosystem increases, the need to orchestrate all transaction activities such as smart routing, decline retries, report aggregation, card scheme compliance, etc., in a timely and effective manner becomes a higher priority.

Well architected payment platforms consolidate all the orchestration functionality in a single processing layer and deliver end-user tools to empower non-engineers to manage the platform activities. Well architected payment platforms have flexible and scalable architecture and orchestration capabilities to support the main business objectives and are never captive to functional, technological or economic limitations.

In this webinar, participants will learn what is orchestration, why consolidating these functions are critical for implementing a state-of-the-art payments platform, the options available to merchants for their implementation, and the business benefits obtained from Payments Orchestration. 

Puneet Shah

Rene Pelegero | RPGC Group

René Pelegero founded Retail Payments Global Consulting Group LLC to aid the global expansion efforts of merchants everywhere. He helps growing merchants rapidly expand their payments acceptance and has created payments procurement and RFP management methodologies replicated at several of the largest global merchants. The requirements from his 2013 White Paper “The Need for Real Time Payments in the USA” were later quoted by the Federal Reserve Bank on its own Public Consultation Paper in September, 2013 that launched the journey towards Faster Payments in the USA.  René has two patents filed for “Unified Identity Verification” and for “Payments Using Funds Pushing.”  

Prior to consulting, René directly oversaw payments operations and expansion into 160 countries as head of Global Payments at Amazon.  At PayPal, he defined the wallet’s payment acceptance strategies, determined how PayPal would communicate directly with financial institutions, and created the payments curriculum taught to all PayPal employees.

Suhil Srinivas headshotSuhil Srinivas | LinkedIn

Suhil Srinivas is currently a Director of Product Management at Linkedin responsible for all aspects of commerce including checkout, payments and billing experiences for our members and customers. Commerce platform is a global platform that supports multiple sales channels such as online self-service purchases as well as sales rep assisted sales for enterprises. He and his team manage payments across 30+ currencies, 15+ payment methods & support 200+ countries. Prior to Linkedin, Suhil was a product manager at PayPal responsible for local acquiring globally.

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