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The MAG Technology Forum is a one-day event hosted by MAG and aligned with the MAG bi-annual conference designed specifically for payment IT professionals.  Technologies in payments continues to evolve at a rapid pace and the Tech Forum provides education and networking opportunities among merchant technology professionals and leading technology providers focused on innovative uses of these new relevant payment technologies. The objective of the Tech Forum event alongside our MAG conferences is to foster collaboration, provide tech-focused knowledge, and build relationships across merchants, their payments IT and business teams, and technology focused sponsors.  It also offers an opportunity for ongoing networking, learning, and engagement throughout the year through participation in MAG committees, communities, webinars, and connecting with peers in between the bi-annual in-person MAG events.

The Tech Forum will be held February 11, 2020 during the MAG 2020 Mid-Year Conference. You must register for the Mid-Year Conference to attend the Tech Forum.

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