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2019 Webinar Schedule

This is the MAG’s 2019 webinar schedule. It may be adjusted to accommodate industry developments. We welcome topic submissions as well as speaker recommendations for any topics below or future webinars. Please send them to MAG Staff.

The material provided in the MAG’s webinar is owned by the MAG, is intended for its members and sponsors, and may not be reproduced in any medium without its written consent.  The material does not constitute legal advice; all persons are encouraged to seek their own legal advice in conjunction with the application of any information provided during a webinar to such person. 

MAG Webinar Disclaimer
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Don’t forget to check back periodically for updates.

Date Category Topic Presenters
January 29 mag_logo_regmark Preventing Chargebacks During Peak Periods  Colin Sims | Forter
Roberta Del Monte Radford | Nordstrom
March 20              mag_logo_regmark Will Faster Payments by 2020 be Better Payments? Steve Mott | BetterBuyDesign 
John Drechny | MAG 
April 9              mag_logo_regmark Lessons in Cybersecurity: Securing our Digital Future Jenny Menna | US Bank
Susan Rue | Elavon 
April 30  mag_logo_regmark Secure Remote Commerce, the Mastercard Implementation Ryan Beaudry | Mastercard   
June 5  mag_logo_regmark 2019 Global Payment Brand Release Changes that may impact your business
Kevin Halliburton | Heartland Payment Systems 
June 26  mag_logo_regmark Digital Payments Expansion & Market Consolidation Impacts Krista Tedder | Javelin
Jim DuBoyce | W. Capra  
July 10  mag_logo_regmark How to Prepare for Holiday 2019 and Maximize Online Revenue with 3-D Secure Kevin Crockett | CardinalCommerce  
July 30  mag_logo_regmark Mastercard U.S. Assurance Framework Diego Szteinhendler | Mastercard
August 21  mag_logo_regmark Unpacking Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) – Separating Facts from Fiction Beth Costa | Oliver Wyman
Trent Addington | Walmart
Manish Nathwani | SHAZAM
Steve Cole | Worldpay
September 11  mag_logo_regmark Improving performance through payment and fraud optimization Tony Wimmer | Chase Merchant Services
Rob Bryant | JPMorgan Chase
October 2  Tech Forum 2  Supercharged Payments Insights Puneet Shah | Adyen
October 23  mag_logo_regmark Network Brand Release Changes that could impact you Bradford Wilson | Bank Of America Merchant Services
Tiffany Roberts | Bank of America Merchant Services 
 November 13  Tech Forum 2  The State of eCommerce Fraud Prevention Colin Sims | Forter
November 20  mag_logo_regmark Futureproofing your Payment Acceptance Decisions Jeff Shinder | Constantine Cannon
December 3  Tech Forum 2 Payments Orchestration Rene Pelegero | RPGC Group
Suhil Srinivas | LinkedIn
Michelle Vautier | Patreon
December 11  mag_logo_regmark  MAG Town Hall MAG Staff 

2018 Webinars

2018 Webinar Schedule




Visa Claims Resolution & Stored Credential Framework
January 17, 2018

 Laura Townsend, SVP, MAG
Mark Woelfer - Visa, Inc.
Shailendra Dingankar - Visa, Inc.
Anjana Surin - Visa, Inc.

Fraud & Chargeback Trends and Best Practices to Mitigate Risk
 January 31, 2018

: Ira Goldman - Auriemma Consulting Group
Don Bush -Kount
Lee Jurgens - Autoback LLC
 Todd Thayer - J.P. Morgan

New and Emerging Payment Trends – What’s Important to the Merchant Community?

 March 28, 2018 Presenters:
John MacAllister - Dorado Industries
Steve Mott - BetterBuyDesign

              5 Ways to Optimize Your Interchange Costs Now

April 25, 2018  Presenters:
Anand Goel - Optimized Payments Consulting
Greg Moore - AutoNation
Mastercard Connect & Merchant On-boarding

May 23, 2018  Moderator:
Lam Van Lund (Mastercard)
Lisa Hockenberry - Mastercard
Sheila Panus - Mastercard
Craig Prior - Mastercard

VCR learnings and Network Brand Release changes that could impact you

June 6, 2018   Presenters:
Kim Arwood-Slate - First Data
Dawn Shaefer - First Data

 U.S. Faster Payments Council June 11, 2018 Presenter:
Reed Luhtanen - Walmart
Best Practices in Evaluating Modern Payment Systems

June 27, 2018 
Susan DeVries - Worldpay
Nancy Vance - Worldpay

 The Supreme Court’s American Express Decision: What it Means for Merchants

July 12, 2018  Presenter:
Jeff Shinder - Constantine Cannon
 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - A Survival Guide to Europe’s Global Privacy Rules  July 24, 2018
Graham Dufault - The App Association
Brian Scarpelli - The App Association

 Opportunities & Challenges in the U.S. Debit Market

 August 14, 2018
Terry Dooley - SHAZAM
Judith McGuire - PULSE

Upcoming Mastercard Chargeback Changes

 August 28, 2018
Teresa Bryan - Mastercard
Doug Whiteside - Mastercard

Tokenization Essentials – Understanding the Role of Tokens in Payment Processing 

 September 26, 2018 Presenters:
 Renee Goodheart - First Data
Vijay Royyuru - First Data

Visa/Mastercard announced a $6.2B settlement: What was agreed to and what should merchants understand about the settlement?

 October 4, 2018 Moderator:
Mark Horwedel - Merchant Advisory Group
Douglas Kantor - Steptoe & Johnson 

Card Organization Release Changes – Fall 2018

October 18, 2018  Presenters:
Bradford Wilson - Bank of America Merchant Services
 MAG Town Hall Discussion - Strategic Plans for 2019
 December 6, 2018 Presenters: 
Mark Horwedel (CEO, MAG) 
John Drechny (President, MAG)

2017 Webinars




Merchant Routing -
Strategy & Execution Insights
January 18, 2017

Liz Garner (SVP,
Policy & Public Affairs, MAG)
Presenters: Doug Kantor (Government Affairs/Public Policy & Partner, Steptoe) and
Laura Townsend (SVP, Operations, MAG) 

The Deferred EMV Liability Shift- Secondary Implications for the Petroleum and Convenience Store Industry 
 February 28, 2017

Laura Townsend (SVP, Operations, MAG)
Presenters: Steve Mathison (Senior Vice President of Acquiring Payments, First Data) and Tom Nipper (Executive Director Global Enterprise Solutions, Chase Commerce Solutions)

Data Breach Claims & Managing Cyber Risk with the MAG CyberRisk Hub®
March 22, 2017

 Mark Greisiger 
(President, NetDiligence®) and Mike Richoux (Account & Project Manager, NetDiligence®)

 What's Next for MDL 1720, the Supreme Court Declines to Hear the Appeal
April 4, 2017 

Mark Horwedel (CEO, MAG)
Presenter: Jeffrey Shinder (Managing Partner, Constantine Cannon)

Advocating Operations Best Practices –
MAG’s Momentum
April 26, 2017

 Kristy Cook (Director, Payment Acceptance Technology, Target Stores) and Laura Townsend (SVP, Operations, MAG)

EMV: Lessons Learned, Network Differences and the 2017 Spring Release
May 23, 2017

 Kristy Cook  (Director, Payment Acceptance Technology, Target Stores) 
Presenter: Steve Cole (Senior Product Manager for EMV, Vantiv) 

Trends in Chargebacks and Fraud
June 14, 2017

Moderator: Jim DuBoyce (Senior Consultant,
W. Capra Consulting Group)
Presenters: Gary Cardone (CEO, Chargebacks911), June Compton (Senior Director Dispute Resolution, Heartland Payment Systems), and John Valencia (Manager, Online Asset Protection,

EMV Terminal Configurations – What Options Should Merchants Expect?
 June 28, 2017

Moderator: Kelly Andrus (Manager, Payment Card Services, Tesoro Refining and Marketing)
Presenters: Drago Dzerve (VP Product Management, Verifone), Wes Haworth (Director Product Management, Verifone), Pat Polillo (VP of Regional Solutions, Verifone), and Brian Russell (Senior Technical
Business Analyst, Verifone)

Evolving your Point of View on Digital
Wallet Experiences

July 25, 2017 

Doug Rodewald (Chief Digital Officer,
True Group, Inc.)
Presenters: Karla Allen (Senior Director Mobile Wallets, Walmart) and Paul Murray (Director of Digital Innovation, Dunkin' Brands, Inc.)

 Dynamic Currency Conversion – The Benefits and Best Practices for Program Success
 July 27, 2017 
Moderator: Steve Herrmann (Senior Vice President, Industry Sales Executive, Bank of America
Merchant Services)
Presenters: Brian Borneman (Vice President, Product Manager, Bank of America Merchant Services) and Nicole Lubrano (Assistant Vice President, Product Manager, Bank of America Merchant Services)
Tokenization - The Considerations 
 August 31, 2017

Mark Horwedel (CEO, MAG) 
Judith McGuire (Executive Vice President, Product Management, PULSE) and Manish Nathwani (Sr. Vice President, Product Development, SHAZAM) 

Innovations abound – global payment trends and the Fall Card Association changes that could impact you

October 19, 2017
Moderator: Laura Townsend (SVP, Operations, MAG)
Presenter: Chris Francis (Vice President of Market Development, Worldpay US, Inc.)

MAG Webinar: Status & Strategy
Fireside Chat with MAG Staff about the State of the Industry and 2018 Strategic Plans

December 13, 2017 
Presenters: Mark Horwedel (CEO, MAG), Beth Provenzano (VP, Public Affairs, MAG), Laura Townsend (SVP, Operations, MAG), Kari Hartley (Director, Member and Administrative Services, MAG) 

2016 Webinars




How does the Durbin Amendment compare to the new EU Interchange Fee Regulation?

January 14, 2016

Speaker: Brendan Doyle (CEO, CMSpi) and Alistair Combes (SVP – Knowledge & Products, CMSpi)

New Omni Channel Payments Findings 
March 31, 2016  

Lynn Holland (ACI Worldwide Payments) 

The controversy and concern over EMV Debit at the Point of Sale
May 2, 2016 

Liz Garner (MAG)  
Speakers: ​Trent Addington (Best Buy), Kathy Hanna (The Kroger Co.), Doug Kantor (Steptoe & Johnson, LLP), and Bryan Penny (Nordstrom)

Use of Consumer Authentication in eCommerce: 2016 Survey Results
May 12, 2016

: Amy Sellheim (MAG)
Speakers: Tara Lavelle (CardinalCommerce) and Justin McDonald (The Fraud Practice)

 Streamlining Web Payments
June 21, 2016

Ian Jacobs (W3C)
Panelists: Adrian Bateman (Microsoft), Nick Telford-Reed (Worldpay), Zach Koch (Google), and Adrian Hope-Bailie (Ripple)

The Legal Landscape in Payments After the Demise of the Interchange Settlement

July 21, 2016 

Mark Horwedel (MAG)  
Presenter: Jeffrey I. Shinder (Constantine Cannon LLP) 

Pandora’s Box:  Digital Wallets and the Honor All Devices Rules
July 27, 2016

Liz Garner (MAG)  
Adam Levitin (the Georgetown University Law Center)

Swipe, Scan, Dip or Tap: What Everyone Needs to Know About the Changing Face of Payments
August 9, 2016

: Caitlin Donahue (Vice President of Public Affairs, CRAFT | Media/Digital), Sinead Casey (Deputy Manager, CRAFT | Media/Digital), and Sarah Fink (Account Executive, CRAFT | Media/Digital)

 Account Updater: The Value to Merchants and their Customers
August 23, 2016

Hannah Thurmond (FedEx)  
Panelists: Amy Alterman (VISA) and Sharon Rosano (MasterCard) 

2015 Webinars




Navigating the U.S. EMV Migration 

January 13, 2015 

Stephanie Ericksen (Vice President, Risk Products, VISA)

Transaction Routing In Digital Commerce

January 22, 2015

Mark Horwedel (CEO, MAG)
Speaker: Doug Kantor (Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP) and Abby Kelley (Director of Sales, Acculynk)

Cyber Risk: Threats, Loss Control, Liability & Claims

March 30, 2015

Moderator: Chris Priebe (Director, Payments and Risk, Southwest Airlines)
Mark Greisiger (President, NetDiligence®) and John Mullen (Managing Partner,  Philadelphia Region/Chair, US Data Privacy & Network Security, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP)

Dept. of Justice Wins Over American Express: The Decision, Next Steps, and Merchant Impact
April 1, 2015
Moderator: Kathy Hanna (Director, Enterprise Payments & Store Support, The Kroger Co.)
Speaker: Richard A. Arnold (Attorney, Kenny Nachwalter)

 Digital Commerce Update
April 16, 2015 

Rene Pelegero (President & Managing Director Retail Payments Global Consulting Group)

Dynamic Currency Conversion: To Do or Not to Do?
 May 12, 2015
Speakers: Lee Jurgens (Director, Sales and Cash Audit, Ralph Lauren) and Brian Frey (Head of GlobalChoice Product, N.A. for First Data)
MAG Town Hall Discussion
 June 24, 2015

Mark Horwedel (CEO, MAG) and Liz Garner (VP, MAG) 

Bitcoin: The Future of Money
 July 22, 2015

Sonny Singh (Chief Commercial Officer, BitPay)

The American Express Decision: Merchant Pricing Options
July 28, 2015 

Doug Kantor (Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP) 

 Managing Cyber Risk with the MAG CyberRisk Hub®
October 14, 2015 
Speakers: Mike Richoux (NetDiligence® eRiskHub® Support Team) and
John Mullen (Managing Partner,  Philadelphia Region/Chair, US Data Privacy & Network Security, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP) 

 Rethinking CNP
November 18, 2015  
Moderator: Troy Carrothers (SVP, Retail Payment Solutions & Multi-Channel Sales and Service, Kohl's Department 
Stores, Inc.)
Speakers: Bob Reany (SVP, Authentication Service, MasterCard), Mark Nelsen (Head of Risk Products and Business Intelligence,Visa Inc.), and Chris Priebe (Director, Treasury Payments,
Southwest Airlines)