Introducing the Smarter Payments Series!

Here at the Merchant Advisory Group (MAG), we are educating merchants about our country’s payments system, helping businesses gain a competitive advantage, and ultimately shaping the future of payments in America. 

We created the ‘Smarter Payments Executive Education Series’ with the goal of driving positive change in the payments industry through education. Whether you’re a CEO or a payments professional, this is the foundation you need, straight from the industry's top experts, to be a part of the change that will yield greater profits for our companies, savings for our customers, and a stronger future for our industry.

We've developed talking points to share with your leadership team. Please share these videos with your colleagues via the links below, or by clicking the share icon on the video!

Payments experts discuss how important it is for executives to understand the challenges faced by merchants, the need for a reformed payments system, and the importance of collaboration in driving innovation.
Merchants and payments experts discuss different kinds of fees that burden merchants due to an inefficient payments system lacking in competition.
Merchants and payments experts advise how merchants can protect themselves by supporting swipe fee reform, recognizing the limitations of the American EMV technology, and understanding merchants’ liability when data breaches occur.
Merchants and payments experts discuss recent and future trends in the payments industry, including increased data breaches and the emergence of mobile payments and card-not-present transactions.

Meet the Merchants


Jared Scheeler | CEO, The Hub Convenience Stores

Jared Scheeler opened the Hub Convenience Stores in January 2015 in Dickinson, ND, having previously worked in the convenience and restaurant industry. He currently serves as Vice Chairman of Member Services for the National Association of Convenience Stores. 

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Lee Gonder | Owner, World Cup Ski & Cycle

Lee Gonder has owned and operated World Cup Ski & Cycle since 1995 in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, providing quality bike equipment and ski gear customized for peak performance. 

Meet the Experts


John Drechny | CEO, Merchant Advisory Group

John Drechny is CEO of the Merchant Advisory Group. Prior to joining the MAG, Mr. Drechny served as the chairperson of the group’s board of directors and as Senior Director of Payment Services for Walmart. He also served as the Chairman of the U.S. Payments Forum Steering Committee, Visa’s Executive Risk Forum, MasterCard’s Point of Interaction Group, and Discover’s Merchant Advisory Council.


Mark Horwedel | CEO Emeritus, Merchant Advisory Group

Mark Horwedel serves as CEO Emeritus for the Merchant Advisory Group. Mr. Horwedel formerly served as the Chief Executive of the Merchant Advisory Group, as well as Director of Payments for Walmart. Prior to his time with Walmart, he worked as Chief Network Officer of Magic Line, an electronic funds transfer network.


Beth Provenzano | Vice President, Public Affairs, Merchant Advisory Group

As Vice President of Public Affairs, Beth serves as the MAG’s spokesperson; directs communications strategy and outreach to the media; and leads advocacy efforts with policymakers and regulators.

Ms. Provenzano previously lobbied on merchants’ payments issues as Vice President, Government Relations and Political Affairs for the National Retail Federation and served for almost nine years in various roles in the United States Senate. 

Mallory Duncan | Principal, Retail Consumer Insights

Mallory Duncan is Principal at Retail Consumer Insights. As a veteran lawyer and lobbyist, Mr. Duncan has also served as Senior Vice President & General Counsel for the National Retail Federation, as well as Senior Counsel for JCPenney.

Jennifer Hatcher | Senior Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, Food Marketing Institute

Jennifer Hatcher is Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for the Food Marketing Institute in Washington, DC. She has held multiple leadership roles with the Institute for more than two decades, specializing on public policy and government affairs. Prior to FMI, Ms. Hatcher served as Chief of Staff for a U.S. Congressman.