The ACH | Today & Tomorrow

This education session was presented by NACHAat the MAG Mid-Year 2019 Conference and is available for viewing by MAG merchant members (login required).

Session Description:  
The ACH Network provides ubiquitous routing for more than 21 billion electronic payments for businesses and consumers.  This session will provide an overview of how payments flow through the ACH Network, and the roles and responsibilities of everyone who touches an ACH payment. The ACH Network has continuously evolved over the past 30 years and now drives innovation with new features such as Same Day ACH and APIs to support industry need for faster payments and less friction.  Learn more about the latest initiatives from NACHA and see how merchants and businesses are using ACH innovations to support customer loyalty and to lower the cost of payments.
Module 1: Overview of NACHA's Core Functions
Module 2: Overview of the ACH Network
Module 3: Faster Payments: Speeding Up the Network
Module 4: Innovation | New Initiatives for ACH
Module 5: Afinis– Interoperability Standards Organization 

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