Member Education Resources

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Member Education Resources

Educational resources developed by the MAG for our merchant members, including:

Merchant Readiness Guides:

  • An educational guide on a rule, or mandate that merchants need to comply with. The rule/mandate will have several different components and the implementation may differ by merchant. It will be a reference that merchants can use as they navigate through their own implementation of that particular rule/mandate/getting ready for some change and will contain key questions they can ask their service providers/internal teams and considerations they should be thinking about.

Best Practices:

  • An overview of best practices on a particular topic. The guide does not go into too much detail on the background of the topic, but is a standardized grouping of stakeholder input on what the best or recommended practices are for that subject - informed by merchants, networks, and acquirers etc.

Quick Reference Guides:

  • A quick one-pager on something new that has come out, isn’t very complex, or the intent is just to get information out there in an aggregated form that tells the reader the highlights of what they need to know in quick summary form - the Cliff notes version.

The information on this page is made available for informational purposes only. It is not and is not intended to be legal, financial, or risk management advice. The MAG has made efforts to ensure the accuracy of this information as of the date(s) of its publication, but is not responsible for any liability, loss or damage occurring as a result of following this information or refraining to act based upon this guide. Specific legal, financial, risk management, or other technical advice should be sought with respect to any issue or information found in these guides prior to relying upon it in a way that may create risk of liability, loss or damage. The information does not create any contract, agreement, or legal relationship of any kind between you and the MAG.

Resource              Description               Last Updated
COVID-19 Merchant Best Practices  A Best Practice guide for merchants as they attempt to solve for challenges in operating their brick and mortar businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This quick one-page guide includes tips directly from merchants on operational changes they've implemented to comply with health and safety regulations for both employees and customers, and creative solutions to minimize physical touch points in their locations. 8/19/20  
Visa's Recurring Subscriptions Overview A one-page reference guide that shows merchant-facing changes required to comply with Visa's new policies effective April 18, 2020.
  • The changes apply equally to merchants selling either physical or digital goods and services, if they offer free trials or introductory promotions that roll into an ongoing subscription / recurring agreement. 
  • The updated requirements are strongly recommended for subscription merchants but are not mandatory unless they offer free / introductory trials. 
Card-on-File Merchant Readiness Guide A readiness guide for merchants to prepare for requirements from Visa on disclosures that must be presented to a cardholder when they are storing card credentials with a merchant for the first time, as well as requirements from Visa & Mastercard on the indicators that must be passed in the authorization message upon the initial storing of the credential and subsequent transactions with the stored credential.  2/25/20 
BIN Expansion Merchant Readiness Guide

A readiness guide to provide MAG merchants with guidance on the areas of impact that the ISO BIN expansion from 6 to 8 digits may have on their existing systems and processes and to help identify any logic based on the first 6-digits only so that it can be updated when 8 digit BINS begin entering the market.