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Bank of America Merchant Services (BAMS)
Bank of America Merchant Services
Jimmy Scarborough is SVP Payment Solutions for Bank of America Merchant Services (BAMS). He is a 17 year veteran of the payment industry having served stints at GE Capital, Chase Merchant Services and WorldPay. His responsibilities at BAMS include sales support and developing payment solutions for merchants.

My association with the MAG started at its inception earlier in my career when I was working at Chase Merchant Services. Then, it was only a small gathering and we viewed it as more of a merchant user group. As my career evolved, I stayed active with the MAG as it matured into a separate, independent organization. The MAG, through its development, now represents the merchants’ voice in payments.

From some fairly humble beginnings, the MAG has grown into a robust and diverse group, and has become a forum where a variety of payments stakeholders – most specifically merchants – can assert their voice in the industry and help shape the future of payments.

It’s personally rewarding to me to have been involved with the MAG at its start and seen it evolve to the organization it has become today. I’m personally vested in the MAG and proud that it has taken its rightful place in the payments community. I remain dedicated to the need for collaboration between all the payments stakeholders, particularly merchants and banks. We can’t move forward unless we all work together. I hope I can continue to be involved in its future success.

Jimmy Scarborough, SVP Payment Solutions for Bank of America Merchant Services (BAMS)