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SHAZAM – Upgrade to Elite Sponsor

An athlete once said, “The best way to become a gold medalist is to partner with one.” Isn’t that the truth? Whether we’re talking sports, business, or anything else we do in life, the partners we choose make all the difference.

That’s why SHAZAM has decided to become an Elite Brand Sponsor for the MAG. With more than 10 million people carrying SHAZAM-branded cards in their wallets, it’s good business to escalate our partnership with an organization that gives voice to the retailers who provide goods and services to those customers.

But there’s an even more principled reason for deepening this relationship. The things we do at SHAZAM that set us apart — helping our merchant partners cut costs, maximize acceptance, manage the Durbin Amendment, and more — match the values that Mark Horwedel promotes every day at the MAG. As SHAZAM expands its reach across the United States to the 1,300-plus financial institutions and thousands of merchants it serves today, partnerships with honorable organizations such as the MAG will become invaluable.

We at SHAZAM are proud to work with the MAG — a gold-medal partner in every way — and we look forward to serving the retail community together for many years to come.

Dan Kramer is SVP of Marketing and Merchant Services at SHAZAM.