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Board Member Corner: Board Welcome (MAG Quarterly- Volume Four, Issue One)

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By Kelly Andrus, Tesoro Refining and Marketing 

March 3, 2016

I am honored and excited to join the MAG’s Board of Directors following my active involvement with the organization since the inaugural meeting in October of 2008.  I was a little apprehensive walking into the first meeting at the Renaissance Pere Marquette Hotel in New Orleans.  All of the previous payments events I had attended were technology centric and specific to the petroleum industry.  Much to my surprise, the event focused on the business side of payments, and to my delight the agenda didn't include a demonstration of integrated fuel-pump card readers. 

My nerves quickly settled and I felt an immediate connection with those in attendance.  With approximately twenty five- merchants and a handful of sponsors, a whopping 54 attendees in total it was a small event in size only.  I was finally in the presence of others like me, participating in lively dialogue about our subject matter expertise; questioning the answers with respect and purpose, and determined to affect positive change within the payments industry.

The 2016 mid-year conference will have taken place by the time this newsletter is published, and I hope the several hundred attendees found it as welcoming, informational and relevant as I did that first meeting back in 2008.  The leadership remains true to their mantra of driving change through collaboration with key stakeholders in the payments system.  The active committees and MAG® staff continue to provide educational opportunities to merchant professionals keeping them informed on major events, regularly partner with other organizations who value our shared purpose and have captured the attention of industry leaders through numerous publications, press releases and white papers. 

In concert with the many successes we celebrate as an organization, we must also acknowledge the magnitude of effort still needed to establish a payments ecosystem that is fair and equitable for all stakeholders.  With the members’ continued support, MAG® can continue to drive change, influence the outcome of divisive issues, educate all parties in the transaction chain and keep merchants aware of current events and developments.  The payments industry is changing at lightning speed and there isn’t a more exciting time I can remember, all the more reason to have the MAG® as my trusted go-to trade association.