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MAG Highlights Concerns with 10/1/2017 Fuel Pump EMV Liability Shift

Last week, the MAG sent a letter to Visa and MasterCard's CEOs regarding ongoing challenges with the EMV transition for in-store deployments, and highlighting concerns regarding the feasibility of the payments industry being ready for a 10/1/2017 liability shift for fuel pumps. 

The letter does the following:

1) Highlights the existing challenges with in-store EMV deployment; 

2) Provides several examples of how fuel pump migration is an even more complicated process with extreme timeline challenges based on progress (or lack thereof) by key industry partners to date in laying the groundwork for EMV pump deployment; 

3) Asks the card networks to rethink the appropriateness and feasibility of the industry collectively being able to achieve fuel pump EMV acceptance by October 2017; and 

4) Notes that liability should not be shifted on fuel dispenser sales until all networks, acquirers, processors, hardware and software providers, and pump manufacturers have solutions that are in place and allow fuel merchants the time needed to implement EMV acceptance. 

A copy of the letter is available here

MAG is currently awaiting a reply from Visa and MasterCard on this important industry issue.