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MAG Board Corner: Share Your Passions and Expertise (MAG Quarterly- Volume Six, Issue Three)

Kristy Cook
By Kristy Cook, Director, Payment Acceptance Technology, Target Stores

September 6, 2018

As we celebrate 10 years as the MAG, member engagement has been a key to our success.  With your help, the best is yet to come!

As we celebrate the MAG’s 10-year anniversary, I’m especially grateful to those who had the early vision to see all we could become, and focused their passion, gifts and dedication to making the MAG we experience today a reality.  The MAG’s come a long way!  Today, I ask you to think about your gifts, and how they can help the MAG thrive into its next decade.

In August, the MAG Board spend two days together focused on the future.  We’ve achieved a great milestone, and we’re at a point of natural transition, so it’s a good time to consider our aspirations, our work and our opportunities.  As we grow, our desires to increase the value to our members and to create change in the payment industry grow as well.  And this is where you come in.

One of the opportunities we discussed is the ability to harness the power of our membership to accomplish our goals even faster.  You each have gifts, competencies, interests, and passions, and it is through the contributions of these gifts to MAG efforts that we will continue to thrive!  Whether you enjoy financial, operational or technical aspects, advocacy, networking, educating or storytelling, or any number of other passions, you’ll enjoy working toward an outcome that excites you!

We know that you’re all very busy (and awesome) people, so we’re thinking about how to make engagement with the MAG flexible too.  You’ll find our existing committee structure on the website, and for many needs, that structure works well!  For other needs, the MAG staff has been experimenting with a different concept, pulling together small groups with the relevant expertise to provide insight into or feedback on a specific issue.  This concept has been used recently to capture feedback to networks on certain concepts or proposed development, to discuss dispute platform changes, for petroleum screen discussions, and to develop omni-channel scenarios and Wallet ID considerations.  The ability to provide this flexible engagement model showcases one of our most significant assets, our diversity!  Of course, we all work in payments at merchants, but beyond that we represent merchants of different sizes, in different verticals (and geographies), with different internal structures, and with some different needs.  The MAG’s ability to leverage its diverse members to provide expertise or guidance on specific topics makes us unique.  We can do this best with insight into the gifts of our members.

You will be receiving a MAGMail post conference with instructions for adding your interests, expertise, gifts, and passions to your profile on the MAG website.   By adding this information, you choose to share areas of interest with the MAG, and we hope you’ll choose to engage if contacted!  Adding this information gives MAG options, but don’t limit yours!  Jump in and get engaged today!

You’ve likely heard from many members that you get more out of the time you share with the MAG than you put into it – it’s true!  For me, I love the energy I get from hearing our members talk about how the MAG has impacted them!  They share how the MAG helped them to understand and navigate the complexities of the payment system, or how they got connected to others for benchmarking or to work through an issue.  They describe how their company now considers payments to be strategic rather than just operational, or how thankful they are to the MAG for its efforts in advocacy and in finding common ground for industry changes with the payment networks.  For me, that’s the payoff!

What will it be for you?