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Letter from the MAG Board Chair: A Year in Review (MAG Quarterly- Volume Six, Issue Four)

By Troy Carrothers, Senior Vice President – Credit and Customer Service, Kohl's

December 6, 2018

The MAG celebrated its tenth anniversary and the beginning of a new era this year.  Our membership has continued to grow as well, now including more than 140 merchants with nearly 1,000,000 physical locations across the U.S. and online.

In addition to its significant growth, the MAG led several positive industry initiatives in 2018, giving merchants further reasons to celebrate.  These initiatives included the removal of the outdated signature requirement for credit and debit purchases at the point of sale, enforcement of merchant routing options for debit purchases, as well as bringing networks to the table to discuss topics like real-time credit and debit returns.  The successes of the MAG in 2018 are the result of a dedicated staff, a committed Board, and your participation.  

We made additional investments in growing the MAG staff in 2018 to focus on Advocacy, Education, and Operational effectiveness while also solidifying a formal leadership succession plan.  This succession plan includes the addition of John Drechny as President in 2018 and incoming Chief Executive Officer in 2019, with the retirement of Mark Horwedel as Chief Executive Officer at the end of 2018.

The MAG staff and Board have a full and exciting agenda of initiatives for 2019.  A large portion of the agenda will involve working with the global payment networks to ensure merchants’ perspectives are shared on topics affecting the way merchants accept payments in this new omni-channel environment.  This includes online topics surrounding Secure Remote Commerce (SRC), authentication, and fraud prevention, while also focusing on in-store customer experiences, such as continued work on real-time returns.   
I’m personally pleased and excited about the progress and momentum the MAG has demonstrated in 2018 and I look forward to the successes we expect to continue to accomplish for the merchant community in 2019.  You can continue to help us in these efforts by joining one of the special interest groups (SIGs), attending our webinars, or sharing your ideas to help make the MAG even more effective in our mission of driving positive change and innovation in the payments industry that serves the merchants’ interests through collaboration, education and advocacy.  After all, our members are the reason we are here.

On behalf of the MAG Board and staff, thank you for your participation, ideas, and commitment to help bring permanent improvements to the payments landscape.

Troy A. Carrothers