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Mixed reviews for Visa's new chargeback process

It might be too early to determine the full impact of the new Visa Claims Resolution process designed to streamline and limit chargebacks, but 52 percent of respondents surveyed claimed no decrease in chargebacks since VCR, and most of the 33 percent reporting a decline cited a decrease of less than 5 percent.

The merchant's experience likely would depend on the size of the merchant and the ability to follow the timeline for faster dispute resolution under VCR, said Mark Horwedel, president of the Merchant Advisory Group. 

"Some of the bigger merchants will have the capability to ramp up to meet the faster response times and many have automated systems," Horwedel said. "But for the smaller guy who keeps paper receipts in a bank box, this is going to be horrendous."

Those smaller merchants take the risk of being fined for not meeting VCR timelines, so the program may not be a significant benefit to them, Horwedel added.

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