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Letter from the CEO: Introducing the MAG Tech Forum (MAG Quarterly- Volume Seven, Issue Two)

By John Drechny, CEO, Merchant Advisory Group

June 6, 2019

We are excited to announce a new forum designed for merchant payment technology teams. At our Annual Conference on September 17 in Scottsdale, Arizona, we will launch the forum with a full day of sessions designed to engage and educate those who work in the technology space making the payment process a reality for merchants.

Why launch the MAG Tech Forum?

As the MAG Board looked at ways to improve the merchants’ voice in the payment space, it became apparent technology was driving most of the change in the industry and those working in technology for merchants didn’t have a place to network and discuss upcoming changes. This realization led to the creation of the Innovation Committee. The committee’s goal is to identify the best way to create an environment for the technology teams which is similar to the environment the MAG provides for the merchants’ business payment experts. After several interviews with both merchants and sponsors, the board approved the creation of the MAG TECH Forum.

What is the MAG Tech Forum?

The MAG Tech Forum will be a full day event where member merchants can attend and discuss payment technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the latest on authentication. We are working to fill eight different sessions which will take place on the first day of the MAG’s Annual Conference, September 17. This schedule allows the technology team members to come for one day or stay for the whole conference. There is no extra cost for merchants to bring their technology people unless the total number of participants from a single member exceeds their current maximum, which overall is three people. No worries if you would like to bring more than your maximum number; however you will be responsible for paying an additional fee, which is set to cover the MAG’s cost for attendees at the conference.

Is the MAG Tech Forum the only new thing for the technology teams?

The MAG Tech Forum is the first step in creating a robust engagement between the MAG and merchants’ technology teams. Post-conference, we will launch specific webinars aimed at current market events and are also evaluating adding educational segments specifically around payment technology. The Innovation Committee will have an advisory working group similar to the Collaboration Committee which will focus specifically on creating view points on new technology being introduced into the merchants’ payment environment.

How do I become more involved?

Like everything we do at the MAG, we are dependent on you, our merchants, to help make it successful. First, discuss the MAG with your technology teams and tell them about the benefit you’ve received through attending and collaborating with your peers. Second, ask them to save the upcoming date to attend the MAG Tech Forum. Third, share the agenda with the team once it is published with the Annual Conference agenda. Finally, help them register to attend the forum and become part of the industry discussion on payments. Here’s a tip for you MAG pros: make sure they book their hotel rooms now before space runs out. Those of you who have been coming to the MAG know the value of being onsite; and with attendance breaking records every conference, it may be a challenge to get a room later.

Look for more information regarding the MAG Tech Forum in MAGMails and on our website. Based on feedback from the members and sponsors, we think this will be a great event which will be heavily attended. As always, thanks for making the MAG the place for merchants to get their voices heard in the payment system.