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  • Board Member Corner

    Many merchants do not have a complete understanding of the total cost of payment acceptance for their business. While payments may be esoteric to a merchant's core business (buying and selling goods and services), the costs of various payment methods vary widely and often equal or exceed a merchant's bottom line profit.
  • MAG Mid-Year Conference

    The MAG 2014 Mid-Year Conference held February 11-13th in Atlanta, GA, was a success despite the 100-year Atlanta winter storm. The conference showed record attendance with over 200 attendees from cross industry verticals .
  • MAG Issues Press Release: Encourages Focus on Comprehensive Solution for Payment Fraud

  • The MAG's Response to Fed Solicitation for comments on Payment System Improvement

  • Letter from the CEO

    December 4, 2013 - One of the most common payment themes over the past several decades has been the industry’s desire to get rid of cash and checks which compete with cards for payments. Dale Reistad, a visionary executive, headed up a consulting firm in the early years known as Payment Systems Incorporated (PSI), and coined the phrase the “cashless society”, a theme that reverberated throughout the industry and became the banner of many in the payments community.
  • MAG 2014 Board of Directors Election Results

    MAG board members Lee Jurgens with Ralph Lauren, Dee O’Malley with Best Buy and Chris Priebe with Southwest Airlines were up for re-election in 2014.
  • MAG Mid-Year Conference February 11-13, 2014

  • 2013 Annual Conference Recap

    The MAG 2014 Annual Conference was a huge success! Held October 7-9, 2013 in New Orleans, LA, this annual event included presentations and panels on topics such as mobile initiatives, best practices and current issues in the payments industry, legislation and more.
  • MAG Member Resource: Webinar Recordings

  • 2013 Webinar and Education Summary

    2013 was a successful year with the newly formed Education and Webinar Task Force and the enhanced goal of 13 webinars and 4 in-person education sessions.
  • Board Member Corner

    December 4, 2013 - As a small-ticket quick service retailer, speed of service is a critical element in the operational excellence we strive to deliver to our 28 million plus customers a day across the globe. Deployment of credit and debit card acceptance in the U.S. almost 10 years ago was a significant change in the payment experience for our business and our customers.
  • Member Corner

    Accepting credit card payments has become a mainstay for companies both large and small, yet few organizations have the expertise required to effectively manage their credit card payment processing. Without access to the right resources, it can be a frustrating navigating the myriad nuances of this side of their business.
  • Join a MAG Committee Today

    The MAG has made incredible progress this past year and we have our many committees to thank for this! In 2013 we jump started our education program to include 13 webinars and 4 education sessions, we redesigned the MAG website, we improved our financial reporting and planning, and have improved our communication to all stakeholders in the payment industry.
  • Sponsor Spotlight - Exactly Which Interchange Are You Paying?

    I was invited to give a keynote speech at the Strategic Leadership Forum of the ETA last month in Scottsdale. As one of the original eight members of the Bankcard Services Association (BSA - the former name of what became the ETA) formed in 1988 and as its first Vice-President, I thought the ETA members present might enjoying hearing a little history about the formation of their organization that I don’t believe they had ever heard.
  • Sponsor Spotlight - Evolution of Payments

    If you’ve been in this business for a few years, you’ve likely seen the evolution of the payments business, both in terms of the products available to consumers and the ways these products are used in local stores and locations.
  • SHAZAM – Upgrade to Elite Sponsor

    An athlete once said, “The best way to become a gold medalist is to partner with one.” Isn’t that the truth? Whether we’re talking sports, business, or anything else we do in life, the partners we choose make all the difference.
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  • Innovate Now

    Mobile Authentication Corp. is the Owner of the Exclusive Patent Rights for the US Financial Services Industry to US Patent #6,993,658 “The Use of Personal Communication Devices for User Authentication” used for SMS Out-of-Band, One-Time Password (OTP) generation to secure Retail Merchant Payments on the Internet and on Mobile Wallets, in addition to the physical Point-of-Sale.
  • EMV: A Game Changer for the USA

    Sept. 20, 2013 - As the US weighs up the EMV challenge, the country finds itself uniquely positioned to capitalize on the promise it brings.
  • Letter from the CEO

    September 4, 2013 - As we approach the MAG’s 5th Annual Conference October 7-9th in New Orleans, payments issues are dominating the news, especially the recent Washington District Court’s ruling against the Fed’s interpretation of the Durbin amendment. As a veteran of the formative years of debit, I’d like to offer my perspective.