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  • Member Perspective

    September 4, 2013 - I walked into the back of a huge ballroom at the conference hotel in Orlando in June 2012. I was feeling uncomfortable - it was the annual Visa Conference and I was new to this industry.
  • Sponsor Spotlight

    September 4, 2013 - My association with the MAG started at its inception earlier in my career when I was working at Chase Merchant Services. Then, it was only a small gathering and we viewed it as more of a merchant user group.
  • Board Member Corner

    September 4, 2013 - As many of you are aware, in 2012 several merchants and merchant trade associations filed a lawsuit challenging the Federal Reserve’s implementation of Regulation II, pursuant to the Durbin Amendment.
  • Why Debit Cards Will Survive with Lower Swipe Fees

    September 4, 2013 - Many in the banking industry are proclaiming the sky is falling in light of the European Union's recent move to cap interchange fees and a U.S. federal court ruling that current debit swipe fee caps are too high.
  • MAG Position on Debit Routing with EMV

    June 25, 2013-The MAG represents most of the largest merchants in the U.S. that today process in excess of one trillion dollars in card payments. The MAG and its members participate in the EMV Forum and have been intimately involved in the dialogue surrounding EMV rollout in the U.S. and specifically the efforts to implement the routing requirements of Reg II (Durbin amendment).
  • Letter from the CEO

    June 6, 2013 - A couple of years ago, Digital Transactions carried a cover story proclaiming the “Rise of the Merchants”. The story sited the Durbin amendment as well as several other examples of merchant assertiveness related to payments. The theme seemed to resonate throughout the trade Press and merchants began to be accorded a level of respect they had never experienced.
  • Board Member Corner

    June 3, 2013-The Visa forum held in Hollywood Florida May 12 – 15 sent mixed messages to the merchant attendees. The central themes of the meeting were collaboration and transparency; a particular focus was Visa’s stated desire to collaborate with merchants.
  • Letter from the CEO

    February 22, 2013-As we approach another milestone in the brief history of the MAG, it's worth reminding ourselves of the MAG's central purpose. The MAG is about cooperation and collaboration. My message today focuses on one of the most important keys to progress for payments. -
  • Letter from the Chairman

    February 22, 2013-On behalf of the Board, I want to express appreciation to our sponsors. Their ongoing support has allowed MAG to upgrade the quality and content of its annual conferences while expanding its services to the membership
  • MAG Payments Roadmap Update

    January 30, 2013-The MAG is updating its U.S. payment roadmap clarifying its position on debit routing and reinforcing its support for a common set of standards and market-motivating rule changes to effectively deter e-commerce fraud.
  • New MAG Member Benefit

    November 4, 2012-MAG members now have access to Digital Transactions Online Magazine
  • 2012 Annual Conference Sessions Posted

    October 22, 2012-MAG members can now access the 2012 Conference presentations located under Member Resources in the Members Only area of the website. You must log-in to view.