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Identify, prioritize, and execute strategies to improve payments operational challenges most relevant to MAG merchant members.  
The Committee’s priorities are aligned towards reaching cost-effective and simplified payments operations that consider all channels, help merchants protect customers, and promote fairness in the ecosystem by:

  • Managing and driving relationships with brand networks and acquirers​
  • Identifying and prioritizing strategies and tactics to improve merchant payments operations​
  • Ensuring merchant needs are prominent in industry discussions around payments operations​
  • Monitoring effectiveness of strategies and tactics and anything within the industry that may influence the outcome​
  • Alignment and partnership with the Advocacy Committee interfacing with merchant trade associations and media to promote awareness of MAG payment operations priorities and representing member interests within trade press.

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Interested in joining the Collaboration Committee? Contact Laura Townsend.

MAG Network Best Practices
The Committee identified Best Practices* that payments industry stakeholders should follow. These Best Practices fall within the following four major categories or themes:

Fundamentals include concepts that should be practiced by stakeholders in establishing rules, standards, and basic requirements for payment practices that support customer authentication, fraud mitigation, and equitable incentives among stakeholders.

Debit addresses practices and protocols that ensure merchant debit routing rights remain intact and robust.

Digital covers practices in the mobile, online, contactless, and other digital channels or products that enable merchant choice of acceptance and transparency around rules and 3rd party wallet practices such as data use, security, cost, and customer experience.  These best practices also call for changes in pricing, process, rule (chargeback), fraud, and specification practices related to the digital payment environment.

Chargebacks & Fraud addresses practices that reduce chargeback abuse, provide transparency into fraud/chargebacks in the system, and improved chargeback tools and procedures.
2018 Priorities
These Best Practices* were shared with our primary MAG Elite Brand and Acquirer sponsors in 2016 with a request to provide a response plan to critical path priorities. To date we have been able to achieve success on the following operational interests.
The Collaboration Committee overarching priorities are on the following areas:
Accomplishments chart as of 9.7.18
  • Transparency: Bring public awareness of operational challenges
  • Consistency & Alignment: Gain some consistency & alignment among the global networks specific to rules, processes, and best practices
  • Industry Engagement & Influence: Influence the design, development, and commercialization of payment products, rules, and practices in order to resolve industry challenges
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