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Microsoft and Mastercard Push Self-Sovereign Identity Into The Mainstream

Dec 04, 2018

This announcement that Mastercard and Microsoft will develop a common shared digital identity implementation is a major step forward for Self-Sovereign Identity, Hyperledger Indy Project and the Sovrin Foundation.

CiscoIBM and Microsoft, as well as Banks and Credit Unions, are committed to the concept and implementation of a common Self-Sovereign Identity (a concept Microsoft has promoted since early 2017) and now Mastercard has joined that club:

“Mastercard has announced a new partnership with Microsoft that looks to make it easier to verify your identity online.

The two tech giants have said they will work together on a new unified solution that could be a consumer’s sole ‘digital identity’ online. This could mean an end to having to remember many different passwords and login details for multiple different accounts.

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