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PayPal: Secrets of a Relentlessly Relevant Juggernaut

Mar 01, 2019

Staying on top in payments requires close attention to a few ironclad rules, say Saurabh Wahi and Davis Ward.

In the fourth annual Prophet Brand Relevance Index (BRI), PayPal Holdings Inc. was once again, and by far, the best-performing financial-services brand. It’s not just that it continues to outperform such competitors as Visa Inc., American Express Co., and Mastercard Inc. In one key measure—trustworthiness—it even beats digital powerhouses like Inc., Apple Inc., and Alphabet Inc.’s Google.

Although it celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, PayPal manages to feel and behave like a startup. Even as it continually causes disruption through innovation, acquisition, and unexpected partnerships, it fends off constant threats. Yet, it never seems to take its eye off improving core products and services.

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