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U.S. Gas Stations Rushing to Meet EMV Compliance Deadline (MAG mention)

Jan 08, 2020

NATIONAL REPORT — With the EMV compliance shift on the forecourt looming, operators are on the move to upgrade their equipment to accept chip-enabled debit and credit cards. 

Beginning Oct. 1, the liability shifts to the party in the payment chain with the least secure payment technology. That deadline appears set in stone after Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc. rejected a request to push the deadline back, according to Bloomberg.

As the clock counts down, Joshua Smith, CEO of Gas Pos, told Bloomberg the gas station industry is "massively under-prepared." Gas Pos sells point-of-sale systems.

"There's not enough technicians to do the installments," Smith said. "There's not enough inventory. Even if there were enough contractors, there's not enough dispensers available."

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