Advocacy and Communications Committee

Develop strategy around elevating the MAG brand through support of advocacy, communications and marketing efforts for key MAG initiatives. Ensure regulators and legislators understand merchants payments issues.


Data Privacy: A Retailer's Guide to Current and Future Privacy Legislation

The U.S. Data Privacy journey is only in its infancy but is showing signs for rapid growth and serious complexity. Since the enactment of the European...

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MAG Insights

Provides articles from the industry and the MAG which impact our members and sponsors. Including articles on pending legislation in Washington, evolution...

Advocacy and Communications Committee goals and strategies


  • Support communications and marketing efforts for key MAG initiatives
  • Interface with merchant trade associations and media
  • Promote awareness on initiatives to members and sponsors
  • Represent the MAG at industry events
  • Providing oversight of the Newsletter Editorial Board and the Website Strategy



  • Communicate merchants' voice to external audiences
  • Ensure regulators and legislators understand merchant’s payment issues
  • Develop coalitions with like-minded stakeholders to increase impact

Committee Leadership

  • Kelly Andrus
    EG America LLC
    Head of Payments
  • Joseph Vasterling
    Best Buy
    Director, Payment Acceptance and Gift Cards
  • Beth Provenzano
    Merchant Advisory Group
    Vice President, Public Affairs
The Merchant Advisory Group

Driving positive change and innovation in the payments industry that serves the merchants interest through collaboration, education, and advocacy.