MAG Content Ownership and Distribution Policy

The contents of all material available on the Merchant Advisory Group (MAG) website are copyrighted by MAG unless otherwise indicated. All rights are reserved by MAG, and content may not be reproduced, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission of the MAG Board of Directors.

Any content contained on the website is provided as a service to the MAG members. Any use of the MAG’s information for commercial gain, or taking control of the information by reusing or reposting it without prior approval from the MAG is expressly prohibited. Such use would be detrimental to the MAG and is a violation of international copyright law.

The MAG requires all speakers to sign a speaker agreement before presenting on a MAG-hosted webinar or conference session. Many of our merchant members have strict policies on their ability to participate or attend webinars or conference sessions, which can include being a speaker or asking questions in an open Q&A format, whether verbal or through presentation technology. All MAG merchant members have executed a non-disclosure agreement which includes a commitment by the MAG that any content recordings will remain the property of the Merchant Advisory Group and remain solely accessible through our own platforms which not only require a login but are also permission-locked to only those allowed to view that content. By releasing our raw recordings or content materials to other third parties, we break that commitment and lose control over how that content could be altered or further distributed to unauthorized parties. The MAG does not grant exceptions to this policy in any circumstance.

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