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The Merchant Advisory Group (MAG) serves as an educational resource for payments professionals of all levels. Our engaging eLearning content is built by payments industry experts and seeks to enable the learner to be an effective contributor within the payments ecosystem. Review our current and upcoming courses below.

Merchant Payments 101

Merchant Payments 101 is a foundational course designed for anyone seeking a role in the merchant payments industry, or who has a stake in the acceptance of payments and is looking to brush up on their skills. It will take approximately 6-9 hours to complete, and is designed in 5 distinct sections to provide milestones along the way.

Merchant Payments 200 Level

Merchant Payments 200 level eLearning series will offer five engaging online Payments courses designed for anyone who is looking to increase individual skills in focused areas. Each course will focus on a different topic including Managing a Payments Program, Card Types/Products, Fraud, Chargebacks, Touchless Payments and Debit Routing.

Exploring Payments Technology

Exploring Payments Technology is a course designed primarily for our technology audience, but still accessible for our business-focused learners.  The intended learner will be an intermediate to advanced IT professional who is new to the payments world. As such, the goal of this course is to enable the learner to interpret and compare the various types of payments processing channels and flows, and technical considerations (in-store and online), to enable them to make recommendations for an effective payment processing system.



Microlearning diversifies the way we learn by delivering right-sized knowledge focused on a single concept. It is designed to be consumed "just in time", in smaller snippets not confined to lengthy modules or traditional formats. Unlike our longer-form, foundational courses, which are very traditional in nature – this new bite-sized format delivers an equally rich, yet highly focused, learning experience.

Your Source for Payments Education

MAG members have exclusive access to the MAG Learning Center (MLC), your go-to location for payments courses (MP 101 and MP 200), to help you educate new employees and manage your department.

Built by payments industry experts

Engaging online Merchant Payments eLearning courses designed for anyone seeking a role in the merchant payments industry, or has a stake in the acceptance of payments and is looking to brush up on their skills.

Courses designed with these payments roles in mind:

  • New payments industry professionals
  • Payments job seekers
  • Payments managers & analysts
  • Fraud managers & analysts
  • Chargeback analysts
  • Card network merchant relationship manager
  • Acquirer merchant relationship manager
  • Payments industry consultants

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*The MAG has an add-on Education Sponsorship available to existing sponsors (Tiers 2-4). We also offer bulk invoicing and bulk pricing discounts to support teams completing our eLearning courses. Bulk invoicing and pricing options are available when you elect to purchase multiple seats to the same eLearning course. Please contact Leah Collins for more information about how to get your entire team enrolled in the MAG’s eLearning courses.

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