MAG Europe

The MAG’s mission is to drive positive change and innovation in the payments industry that serves the merchants' interests in the U.S. and globally.

To strengthen the global merchant voice, the MAG is building a chapter in Europe where the objective is to foster collaboration, provide payments education opportunities, and build relationships across merchants.

With payments continuing to evolve rapidly, the MAG is committed to providing the latest insights to understand and implement new and emerging technologies in Europe.


International Panel

Payments innovation is happening around the globe. Whether it is real-time payments in India or evolving wallets in Asia, it is beneficial to understand...

What's Happening in Payments Around the World?

Payment advancements are happening at an accelerated pace across the globe. This panel of experts from around the world will give an update on how payments...

Going Global: How to make Payments a Competitive Advantage in New Markets

Merchants are increasingly going global to drive growth, with a focus on digital experiences. However, accepting payments in a new market is complex:...

MAG Insights

Provides articles from the industry and the MAG which impact our members and sponsors. Including articles on pending legislation in Washington, evolution...

Top 5 Reasons to Get Involved in MAG Europe

Network with payments professionals in your vertical and beyond to build new business connections from every vertical.

Develop a merchant payments professional skillset to build the foundation for a successful payments career as a merchant.

Deep dive into current industry hot topics with your peers across the retail community where you can discuss strategies and practices for applying tools in today’s rapidly changing payments environment.

Engage in merchant-only discussions to further collaborate and knowledge-share in a private setting.

Learn from industry experts that provide the latest insights and innovation in the payments space through education.

MAG Europe Sponsorship

MAG Europe Sponsorship offers the opportunity to network and engage with the top retailers around the world. Events are designed for payments professionals and provide attendees with the latest in payments trends, insights, technology, and services.

The Europe Advisors, along with the support of Europe sponsors, will influence the payments topics relevant to the membership and included in event sessions. The sessions will support merchants in delivering value-added services as part of overall commerce.

Europe Sponsor Benefits

Connect with payments professionals at the MAG Payments Summit.
Create new business connections with MAG merchant member attendees from every vertical (eCommerce, Airlines, Department Stores, Mass Merchant, Grocery, Hospitality, Hotels Petroleum/Convenience Stores, Small Ticket/Restaurants).

Presentations are available on current industry topics that your business peers across the retail community are grappling with in their companies. Join the strategic discussions and learn best practices for today’s rapidly changing payments environment.

MAG Europe Annual Sponsorship Tiers and Benefits

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Annual Sponsor Benefits Europe


Europe Advisors

  • Jaanvie Asnani
    adidas AG
    Global Director, Payments and Fraud
  • Paul Bolton
    easyJet plc
    Payments Director
  • Louise Cowan
    John Lewis Partnership
    Senior Manager Customer Payments
  • Marc Cregan
    Flutter Entertainment plc
    Senior Business Development & Strategy Manager
  • Olga Lang
    Sixt Rent A Car
    Head of Payments
  • Kirsten Lockyer
    Spotify AB
    Associate Director, Payments
  • Shany Malbin
    Fiverr International Ltd.
    VP, Payments Strategy
  • Gary McMahon
    Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd.
    Group Product Manager - Online Payments
  • Tamasin Norris
    Whitbread plc
    Head of Payments
  • Dejan Rikic
    Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Staff Payments Strategist
  • Axel Schaefer
    IKEA Group
    Advisor, Payments
  • Bono van Nijnatten
    ASOS plc
    General Manager, Payments
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Driving positive change and innovation in the payments industry that serves the merchants interest through collaboration, education, and advocacy.