Join a Committee

The MAG has a variety of opportunities for members to get involved by joining a committee. The primary function of a committee is to contribute to the efficient operation of the MAG. Committees are ongoing Merchant-Only groups that cover a broad range of topics aligned to MAG's strategic pillars. Highly strategic in nature, each committee is focused on approaching objectives from a macro level.

Committee participation is open to All Access merchant members only and meetings are held once a month or more often as needed.

Core Committees


Develop strategy around elevating the MAG brand through support of Advocacy, Communications and Marketing efforts for key MAG initiatives. Ensure regulators and legislators understand merchants payment issues.

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Facilitates innovation with FinTechs through active and strategic engagement, as well as creates the environment needed to allow merchants' technical resources to be engaged in ongoing payments discussions.

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Identify, prioritize, and execute strategies to improve payments operational challenges relevant to merchant members through ongoing collaboration with stakeholders in the payments ecosystem including the network brands and acquirers.
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Make connections with international payments professionals and organizations to learn their needs and realities. The MAG promotes a fair and equitable payment system that best serves the needs of consumers and to ensure merchant choice in payment services is not infringed upon.

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Build merchant payments knowledge to be at parity with all industry stakeholders. Create foundational merchant payments education and reduce learning curve for new payments professionals. 

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Influence the technologies used in the payment ecosystem to better align with the merchant community through education, collaboration, and advocacy.

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Create an environment which drives active participation among merchants and stakeholders as well as cultivate and execute a variety of opportunities that bring people together for defined purposes to support MAG’s overall goals.

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The Merchant Advisory Group

Driving positive change and innovation in the payments industry that serves the merchants interest through collaboration, education, and advocacy.