APAC Meet-Ups

The MAG often hosts merchant-focused sessions across the region, covering a diverse range of topics and solutions aimed at empowering merchants to make informed decisions and optimize their payments processes. These educational sessions are held with the support of our merchants’ and sponsors’ venues and are free to attend.

Who Attends MAG APAC Meet-Ups?

  • Merchants from both eCommerce and retail: Owners, leaders, and decision-makers of brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce businesses, and any other businesses that rely on payment processing. Payments professionals representing cross-verticals who want to drive positive change in the payments industry. 
  • Payments operations or payments technology subject matter experts willing to share knowledge.
  • New payments professionals looking to gain a foundational knowledge of payments and the ecosystem.

Benefits of Attending a MAG APAC Meet-Up?

  • Bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders within the payments ecosystem helps to facilitate collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovation.
  • Gain invaluable insights into the latest innovations and trends in the payments industry that you can implement to enhance your payments processing, customer experience, and overall efficiency.
  • The MAG provides a unique platform to collaborate with a diverse mix of payments professionals, including peers and sponsors from the payments industry that can drive positive change and growth.
  • Merchants can deepen their understanding of payment-related topics, compliance issues, and best practices, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize their payments processes.
  • Merchants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and advocacy efforts that directly impact their interests in the payments industry. By attending, you can help shape the future of the payments landscape to better serve your needs and objectives.
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Recent APAC Meet-Up Events

7 March 2024 Event Summary

We held a meet-up for 30 merchants at Google’s offices in Singapore to participate in a highly interactive workshop discussion on Payments Orchestration across the APAC markets.

The topics were presented by our sponsors Juspay and Liquid Group and included:

  1. Payments Orchestration Layer Use Case Study
  2. Metrics for Viewing Improvements in Payments Orchestration
  3. Scalability and Flexibility

7 March 2024 Event Gallery

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