MAG offers merchant members many benefits!

MAG offers merchant members many benefits!
Kari Hartley Director, Member and Administrative Services Merchant Advisory Group
Jan 8, 2021

MAG offers a diverse offering of member benefits for our merchant members.  Our education, networking with industry peers, and advocacy efforts are at the top of the list. 

But there’s more, and in today’s environment with the changes merchants and payments professionals are facing, MAG’s posting of job openings at merchant companies is yet another benefit helping merchants find and fill important positions within their teams.

The Benefit and How it Works

MAG members are able to post available job openings on the MAG website.  We post them for 30 days and members can renew and repost as needed.  With our new MAG website, the process is easier than ever.  Simply click on our Careers Page, fill out the form on the right side and MAG Staff will take care of the rest.

Due to the effects of the pandemic on retailers, there are many quality payments professionals looking for employment.  Spread the word to your network to check out the MAG’s career page. Check back often as postings change.

Template Job Profiles for Payments Positions

MAG collaborated with Payments & Card Networks to create payments-related job profile templates you may utilize for recruiting, hiring and retention needs.  Finding and promoting the right people to take on these important functions is critical in building a successful payments strategy for your organization.  Click on our Careers page to view the payments job profiles.

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