MAG Introduces Interactive Payments eLearning Course

MAG Introduces Interactive Payments eLearning Course
Leah Collins Director, Education and Design Merchant Advisory Group
Mar 5, 2021

We built our new on-demand learning portal, the MAG Learning Center (MLC), to support Merchant Payments 101 as well as our growing library of educational resources. Including webinars, presentations and so much more! Providing a streamlined platform for learners to engage in our educational content was our top priority.

The MAG has always been dedicated to creating relevant, interesting, useful, and engaging content, and now the new platform provides us with analytics on how our educational resources are reaching each of you. We could not be more excited!

By now, you have probably heard about the benefits of the MLC, but you may be wondering just how much engagement is our new learning platform generating?

Over 500 users have accessed the site and around 5,500 items viewed since launching the MLC in late 2020. Our active monthly users are growing steadily month over month, and we hit a record high of 294 active users in January 2021. The top visited areas since launch include On-Demand Learning - our new home for Merchant Payments 101, live and past Webinar sections, and Member Resources, which contain recently published Best Practice and Readiness guides, links to network resources, and more. 

Merchant Payments 101 soft launched in early 2021 to a small group of Committee and SIG leaders to review the course and provide feedback. After collecting and integrating feedback, the MAG opened Merchant Payments 101 to merchant members as an added 2021 Membership benefit! Thank you to each one of you who participated in course review and helped to make this course a success!

We work in an innovative industry and we are excited to begin expanding course access to include the public in the coming weeks to facilitate the continued growth of education within the payments system.

Merchant Payments 101 has had almost 1,300 collective user visits coming from 166 individual merchants who have started the coursework. Of that group we have 11 merchant members who have completed all five learning modules and passed the two-part exam. After completing the course content and passing the final exam each graduate receives a course certificate and a badge that we encourage them to share on their LinkedIn profiles and in their email signature to further promote the expertise they have in the payments industry.

Early graduates have described the course benefits and overall course experience:


Our engaging online Merchant Payments course is designed for anyone seeking a role in the merchant payments industry or for anyone who has a stake in the acceptance of payments and is looking to brush up on their skills. To find out more and register for the course, visit the MAG website today!

We cannot wait to hear what you think of Merchant Payments 101 and how it is helping you and your payments team!

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