Leveraging Merchant Payments 101 to standardize global payments education: A conversation with Brad Timbes, ExxonMobil

Leveraging Merchant Payments 101 to standardize global payments education: A conversation with Brad Timbes, ExxonMobil
Leah Collins Director, Education and Design Merchant Advisory Group
Jul 30, 2021

Brad Timbes from ExxonMobil is a MAG merchant member who recently incorporated Merchant Payments 101 into his team’s onboarding plan. I had the pleasure of talking with Brad about how MP101 has helped more quickly, and thoroughly, onboard new team members. His insight is shared below:

How did you train new merchant payments professionals before discovering this course?

Timbes: When training new merchant payments professionals (MPP), we have traditionally relied on a specific and thorough management of change with the incumbent. After a thorough handover and job shadowing, the MPP generally developed through a combination of practical engagement with on-the-job learning supported by development discussions with their supervisor. New MPPs are now able to pursue dedicated/focused material from the MAG. With the application of this course and other MAG provided curriculum we can provide these MPPs with deeper and directed curriculum.

How did utilizing this course impact your payment professionals’ performance?

Timbes: Utilizing this course has helped us give a common playbook for all our merchant payments professionals to follow. We positioned this training and deeper learning from broader MAG resources as an asset that the MPP could leverage to enhance skills and also acknowledged graduates publicly.

What challenges do you see the MP101 course solving for your organization?

Timbes: We think the MP101 course will allow us to raise the understanding and level of service of our current MPPs as well as more quickly, and thoroughly, onboard new team members.   

What challenges did MP101 help your organization address?

Timbes: This course has helped us to seamlessly onboard new team members by providing a playbook for all our employees. The course certifies and provides a tangible value to both the MPP and the leadership that supports them by establishing a standard to achieve success.

What makes this course valuable for the merchant payments professional?

Timbes: This course is valuable to the MPP because it provides the background information and technical foundation for effectively managing a payments program. It is valuable to the individual as is a specific testament to their competencies and has been elevated by leadership as a tangible certification of their competency.

How is this course different from other courses on the market?

Timbes: This course is different from what is available in the market because it is one of a kind. It is comprehensive, interactive and practical.

What was the most surprising aspect of the course that supported your learning?

Timbes: The most surprising aspect of the course was acknowledging how much we had to learn. The course challenged strong leaders to dig deeper and MPPs to refresh KPI and measurement tools that they would ultimately be tested in creating both natural tension and ultimate achievement satisfaction.

What feature of this course make it more desirable than other courses or options for your learners to become more effective in their roles?

Timbes: The fact that this course can provide a strong foundation and tangible takeaways for the MPP that can be supplemented by interaction with their co-workers and leaders to keep everyone on the same page, speaking the same language, is invaluable.

In what ways did this learning exceed your expectations in supporting business goals?

Timbes: The MP101 program exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Truly, I expected an amped up PPT with lots of facts and important information. While there is a lot of information to be sure, this program is engaging, inventive, and often entertaining. Successfully completing the modules and passing the exam is a gratifying challenge and experience.

What would you tell someone considering purchasing this course? OR Joining the MAG?

Timbes: If you are a business leader considering purchasing, or even creating your own introductory level course to Merchant Payments - save your time and purchase this one, you will not find anything more comprehensive, professional, or engaging than MP101. 

Why would you work with MAG vs. other providers for merchant payments education?

Timbes: MAG is a trusted resource for all payments related information, which makes them uniquely suited to deliver the comprehensive education our professionals need to level up their performance.

How might this course help your organization achieve its goals?

Timbes: One of our organization's goals is a more seamless onboarding of new MPPs and upskill our existing talent. I think this course is a strong first step in orienting that group to our industry and challenging veterans to reengage with structured MPP specific learning. This course has helped us to accomplish our onboarding goals for new team members by providing a playbook for all our employees.

Is there anything else you would like to say about the MAG or the MP101 course?

Timbes: I would like MAG to know that my entire team and I found value and learned nuances to our history that clarify the state of U.S. payments today. We are committed to and fully embrace the curriculum of this program for merchants, created by merchants and industry experts.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

If Brad’s experience has piqued your interest, but you are not quite ready to begin the journey of taking the MAG’s Merchant Payments 101 course, consider viewing our condensed sample course. The sample course highlights MP101 content as well as explores the course delivery platform.

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