MAG Continues its Global Expansion with the 2023 APAC Summit, 1-2 November

MAG Continues its Global Expansion with the 2023 APAC Summit, 1-2 November
Andrea Rouse Senior Director, Conferences and Events Merchant Advisory Group
Sep 28, 2023

Following the success in 2022 of our first in-person event in Singapore, we are thrilled to share MAG is hosting its second annual APAC Summit, 1-2 November 2023 at the Westin Singapore.

This event has quickly established itself as a premier gathering for industry leaders and experts and is part of the MAG’s continued focus on international growth and its mission to drive positive change and innovation not only in the U.S. but globally as well.

During the one and a half days of the 2023 MAG APAC Summit, a diverse group of professionals will discuss the latest trends shaping the industry landscape across the Asia Pacific region and have opportunities for invaluable networking.

Attendees will hear from a slate of speakers from local and global companies discussing products, services, and solutions in the APAC region. The Summit will open with a keynote session on the economy and will close with a keynote session on global finance and geopolitical risks and challenges. The program will also include topics such as how acceptance varies by country, fraud trends, unified commerce, advantages of payments orchestration, minimizing the cost of payments, and much more.

As with all MAG events, a limited number of sponsor companies will be in attendance to offer solutions to merchants.  The schedule will also include opportunities for attendees to build key relationships with peers.

MAG looks forward to strengthening the global merchant voice.  Registration for the Summit is now open.  Visit our APAC website website for the latest information on the developing Summit program.

Don't miss the chance to be a part of a transformative event that promises to shape the industry's future. We look forward to seeing you in November at an event that will leave a lasting impact on the merchant community.

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