Condensed Learning, Expanded Skills: Microlearning for Payments Professionals

Condensed Learning, Expanded Skills: Microlearning for Payments Professionals
Leah Collins Senior Director, Education and Design Merchant Advisory Group
Nov 17, 2023

As your organization continues to evolve in today's fast-paced payments landscape, our team recognizes the need for ongoing learning delivered efficiently. That is why we are excited to expand our on-demand offerings to include microlearning in 2024, providing condensed and targeted learning experiences focused on critical topics like tokenization, real-time payments, and emerging payments technology.

With microlearning, we can deliver instruction in succinct yet impactful bursts. In contrast to our more traditional eLearning courses, our microlearning assets will distill key learnings in digestible four- to ten-minute packages. Learners can focus on one objective at a time without distraction.

These concentrated lessons reinforce comprehension and muscle memory through repetition and simplicity. They provide performance support through step-by-step guidance on key information. Additionally, learners can replay microlearning assets as needed to instill mastery.

Our strategic goal in 2024 is to release around six microlearning courses with an overall breakdown of three business and three tech-focused topics. We will also begin exploring correlated microlearning courses that expand on previously released content. We are doing this as an initial step towards creating learning paths for specific topics and expanding our foundational educational content.

Our hope is that these bite-sized learning assets become valuable tools to help your team adopt new payment capabilities and operate existing ones securely and efficiently!

Please reach out to me with any questions as we finalize our 2024 microlearning development calendar. Our goal is to continue to provide learning that evolves with your organization!

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