New Educational Offerings!

New Educational Offerings!
Leah Collins Senior Director, Education and Design Merchant Advisory Group
Apr 8, 2024

The MAG is excited to officially announce the launch of our NEW on-demand microlearning courses. Throughout the year, we will release six impactful microlearning courses, spanning Business and Technology topics. In contrast to our traditional eLearning, our microlearning offerings will provide key learnings in digestible “right-sized” packages ensuring learners can focus on one objective at a time.

Our first microlearning course, released in April release, is “Getting Buy-In for a Fly-In.” The objectives of this course are to provide learners with;

  1. An understanding of the importance of a political fly-in.
  2. Knowledge of how fly-ins help build influential relationships with policymakers.
  3. A practical guide to address potential questions from C-suite stakeholders and develop personalized advocacy strategies for their organization.

The course includes short case studies and self-guided access to additional templates and resources.

Approximately every two months, we will release a new microlearning course around topics such as Payments Account Reference (PAR) and other emerging payments technologies. These microlearning courses will reinforce comprehension through repetition and simplicity. Our goal is that they become valuable tools to help your team adopt new payment capabilities and operate existing ones securely and efficiently!

We are also excited to announce that our 200 Level eLearning Series is now FREE to All-Access Merchant Members, and T1 Sponsors! The Merchant Payments 200 Series includes five online payments courses designed for anyone seeking to increase individual skills. Each course focuses on a different topic including Managing a Payments Program, Card Types/Products, Fraud, Chargebacks, Touchless Payments, and Debit Routing.

We look forward to continuing to provide learning that evolves with your organization! Please  reach out to Leah Collins with any questions or thoughts as you experience our content.

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