Why We Joined the MAG

Why We Joined the MAG
Krystle Lafountain Payments & Fraud Strategy Manager Brownells
May 14, 2024

Brownells is a new Merchant Member of the MAG joining us in 2024. Brownells, a global merchant in the sporting goods industry, recently joined the MAG in 2024 as a merchant member. We sat down with Krystle Lafountain, Brownells’ Payments & Fraud Strategy Manager to discuss how they decided to join the Merchant Advisory Group.

Why did you join the MAG?
Brownells is in an industry that can sometimes be misunderstood by customers, business partners, issuing banks, system and project support teams, and many others critical to running a successful business. This membership will allow for networking, open questions relating to payments, and ways to optimize our business strategy independent of the specific items we sell. 

What excites you the most about being a MAG member?
Networking! Bringing light to the sporting goods industry and understanding our business model goes well beyond specific products that are considered controversial. By creating relationships and understanding how others contribute in the payments space I hope will open up opportunities for growth and new development. 

What is an area of payments that is high on your interest list now?
Alternate payment methods seems to be a very hot topic. Do they truly deliver the incremental revenue that lives up to their hype? Are consumers truly driven to buy-now, paylater models as well as ACH and other alternatives? What is the best way to integrate with these solutions?

How long have you been involved in the payments industry?
I have been in the payments industry for 11 Years. 

What is one thing you'd like to see the MAG do/accomplish for its members?
Provide the best resources in an open environment for the consideration of all merchants, products, and payments globally! 

What is something you are working on at Brownells now, and how do you think being a MAG member will help support you in this?
Implementing a new payment gateway that includes changing the authorization model ($0 auth/Validation, and full Capture at shipping). Even with more than 10 years in payments, there is always something new to learn and ever-changing consumer behavior patterns all need to be analyzed with a large change of this nature. I expect MAG networking will allow us to discuss solution provider tips and tricks as well as learn some best practices from other retailers in a physical goods space. 
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